16-year-old girls bleeding after jumping eggs and stuffing her body

 16-year-old girls bleeding after jumping eggs and stuffing her body

Yes, youre right: jump eggs, break them, Madame!

The next day, she found that her lower body was full of blood, and the motor was also blood. She hung up the virtual boyfriend and scolded the other party for ruining herself.

A blogger disclosed this

And that virtual boyfriend is actually a girl, only 14 years old this year.

In other words, this is actually:

A 16-year-old girl on the Internet and another 14-year-old girl Wen AI, the other side taught her how to play jump eggs;

She broke up the jumping eggs, and madasses lower body was covered with blood. She felt that the 14-year-old girl had hurt her, so she made a big scene on the Internet.

Seeing this news, I guess everyone will be as surprised as I am: how can young people nowadays play so well?

Wen AI even if, also want to break the jump egg, Madame Sai lower body, thanks to she can think of, fortunately, no big event, otherwise she will regret all her life.

Many parents always feel that as long as they dont talk about sex with their children, they will always be simple.

This kind of thinking, is no different from stealing a bell. When children reach puberty, they will be curious about sex.

14-year-old pregnancy, lower body bleeding, rape, sexual asphyxia death... Many young peoples sexual experience after 00, it is shocking.


12 years old

Death from sexual asphyxia

A netizen went out to travel, and there were two 10-year-old kids in the same car, one male and one female. He chatted with each other when he was idle.

But he did not expect that the two childrens questions made him not know how to answer them.

The little girl said, you are very tired these days. Go back and pay attention to your body. Dont kill yourself.

The little boy asked, brother, when was your first exercise? I said sports with your girlfriend.

Many young people are very curious about sex, but without the education and guidance of their parents, they can only explore it by themselves.

Without direction, without guidance, they are like headless flies, hoping to get something by luck.

If you are lucky, you may be able to spend your adolescence unharmed;

It is not uncommon for those with bad luck to leave psychological shadows or even lose their lives.

When he was found, he was hung upside down on the beam, wearing seven or eight pieces of womens clothes;

At least 20 laps of rope on the foot, professional technique.

Finally, the police investigation found that the boy belongs to sexual asphyxia, accidental death.

The so-called sexual asphyxia is that some people will get sexual pleasure through suffocation, but it is also very dangerous. If you are not careful, you will really die.

Many people think that those who can play this must be experienced drivers in their twenties and thirties.

However, from the current cases of sexual asphyxia death, many of the people who died of sexual asphyxia are minors, and some of them are only 12-3 years old.

In November 2009, a migrant farmer came home and was startled when he opened the door.

His teenage son was wearing a red skirt and a black swimsuit inside. His hands and feet were firmly tied with ropes, and a weight was suspended from his feet.

His hands were hanging on the roof beam, and he had already died.

Police found that the boys swimsuit has a lot of wax drops, suspected to have had self abuse behavior.

In the boys clothes, the boys body fluid was detected.

This incident, also known as sexual asphyxia..

Sex is not a monster, but it is easy to go astray if it is a minor who has not experienced sex education.

The more sex education is not available, the less likely it is to remain simple.


u201dAt the age of 17,

I lost my first timeu201c

Speaking of this, maybe a lot of people will think: now after 00 is open, so early sex, there are so many patterns.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

According to the report, 35% of the post-00s do not accept premarital sex, with 25% of boys and 45% of girls;

The proportion of people who can not accept one night stand is as high as 78%, and the ratio of men and women is 67% and 87% respectively.

These two sets of data show that the openness after 00 is not as high as people think.

Secondly, in the face of young people who have sexual experience early, people always like to say that they are dissolute and do not love themselves.

There is a book called the rose hidden in the schoolbag, which contains interviews of 20 minors about their sexual experiences, all of which are real stories.

Among them, Ziyan, a 17-year-old girl, is a key high school student. She has a lot of pressure to go to school, but her family will often put pressure on her.

In the Internet cafe, she chatted with a netizen and invited her to spend the night at her home.

Ziyan was a little worried at the beginning, but the other Party promised that she could sleep in the bedroom and go to the living room to sleep on the sofa. She really wanted to find a place for the night, so she agreed.

Although she came out of the Internet bar, saw out to look for her parents, but she still avoided.

Because she knew that if she faced her parents, it would be another quarrel.

After meeting with netizens, she sang karaoke and went to netizens home around 2:00 in the morning.

In the netizens home, the other party did not sleep in the living room as promised, but climbed onto the bed in the bedroom.

Ziyan didnt understand this kind of thing, so he let the other party take his first time.

But she found that she couldnt get through her heart.

She was afraid that she would get pregnant, scolded herself for not loving herself, and asked herself repeatedly why she wanted to do this and why she wanted to hurt herself like this.

After that, she was in a trance for a long time and couldnt get out.

In this book, all the juveniles interviewed, like Ziyan, 17, dont know what sex is, so they start to have sex.

Because of the quarrel with my parents, because of the comfort of the people around me, because of the sweet words of my partner, many people gave their first time in a muddle headed way.


I dont want to have sex

Im just short of love

In fact, many minors, especially girls, have little desire for sex.

However, many of them have been neglected since childhood, unable to get the love from others. Occasionally, some people express their relief, and they are willing to give everything, including their own body.

They think that when they have sex, they can get other peoples consideration and comfort.

In Doubans 9.1 point British drama, to his Xs world, rebellious girl Eliza, smoking and swearing, will take the initiative to say that he wants to sleep.

Her parents divorced when she was a child. Her father ignored her. Her mother took her to remarry and gave birth to a son for her stepfather;

Mothers attention, all put on the son, never care about her every day how;

Her stepfather always teases her and touches her buttocks, but her mother pretends not to see it. She can only bear it in silence.

Finally, after a conflict with her stepfather, she couldnt bear it and ran away from home.

Her rebellious, her poisonous tongue, her hunger and thirst are actually to cover up a heart which is extremely eager for other peoples love.

Actually, there are not a few minors like Eliza.

For example, in the cases of sexual asphyxia death, many of the parties are from poor left behind families who live alone for a long time and lack of care.

They are introverted and not good at communicating with others. They can only satisfy themselves in this way.

Parents will not care about what she is doing or thinking. The only topics we usually discuss are grades, grades and grades.

Because the heart can not be filled, these minors can only use the most primitive sexual desire to fill their brains, so that they can forget the feeling of being denied and abandoned.

Sex, for them, is just a way to escape the pressure of the real world.

The ubiquitous pressure may be the root cause of these childrens premature sexual behavior.

In recent years, there are more and more news about teenage pregnancy and abortion;

Communicating with some post-00s, their understanding of sex often makes us surprised.

We always sigh that young people are lack of sex education. As long as there is sexual education, they can cherish their own bodies.

But I want to say that sex education is not omnipotent. What really works is the love from the family.

Parents unconditional love is the breast milk for childrens personality improvement and mental growth, which is of great significance to childrens growth.

If they dont get it, they will go through other ways to comfort themselves.

Psychologist Adler wrote in the book childrens personality education:

u201dLucky people are cured by childhood all their life, while unfortunate people are cured by childhood all their lives.

Being loved well is the most important source of confidence in ones life.