My ex boyfriend wanted to find me to get back together. My husbands attitude made me believe that he needed trust

 My ex boyfriend wanted to find me to get back together. My husbands attitude made me believe that he needed trust

In such a word, I believe him in my heart, because he has given me enough trust and respect my decision.

He didnt let me go to my ex boyfriend to solve the problem because of his so-called face and dignity. He didnt force me to go with me. Instead, he respected my decision and gave me a reassuring answer.

That day, I met my ex boyfriend and said: there is no possibility between us any more. If you dare to harass me again, I will call the police to solve the problem!

Let him give up his heart completely and stop expecting the combination of two people.

At that time, I broke up with him because he was often cruel to me. Soon after we broke up, my boyfriend (now my husband) had better conditions than him. He was not willing to accept it. He wanted to save me because of his vanity.

But, broke up, on behalf of me will not look back, I also know this man is not suitable for me.

Now, my husband has been married for 12 years. I have a son and a daughter. I have been at home full-time for 9 years.

In the first three years, I took care of my baby while working. I couldnt bear it. Later, I asked my aunt to help me with the baby, which relieved our pressure.

By the fourth year, my husbands career had been on the rise, and I had also chosen to be a freelancer. The time was relatively free and it was convenient to take care of two children.

We have never had a quarrel over economic problems. It may be because both of us have a relatively good economic level.

My husband always said that everything in the family is mine. There is no need to worry about it. He is very grateful to me for my efforts. He takes care of all the big and small things in the family in good order. My parents in law are also very satisfied with me.

In the past 12 years, there were angry quarrels, but after the quarrel, there was no irreconcilable principle problem. Our requirement was that we should not quarrel overnight, otherwise one of them would have to sleep in the living room.

Its good for my parents to buy tea and visit my parents on holidays.

Im happy with that. I married him and he took care of my family.

Therefore, I would like to advise you that you cant just try to be nice to your husband. In case he doesnt do you good, dont you have nothing?

Therefore, to get married or to see other aspects, to observe whether the mans behavior is magnanimous? Is it kind and loving? Are you filial to your parents?

The most important point is: what kind of people are his parents and how they get along with each other.

The original family is like an original. Only when the original is ready, as a copy of the child, can he be physically and mentally healthy and have enough happiness.

It is often said that marriage is the grave of love, but if you want to maintain a good relationship, it can also become the fresh-keeping cabinet of your love, rather than the end of love.

However, this needs not only your seriousness, but also your wisdom.

So, how to deal with the problem of keeping fresh?

The origin of love is appreciation, and the terminator is boredom.

Whether willing to admit it or not, human nature actually has the psychology of liking the new and hating the old.

No matter men or women, the only constant is always changing.

Only by maintaining a good state and keeping yourself in the rising stage can we win the respect and appreciation of the other party.

The only way to keep your feelings in dynamic balance is to constantly improve yourself and keep yourself fresh and in a change.

Elusive and mysterious can make people have the desire to understand and explore.

For women, dont think its safe to get married.

Second: trust each other fully.

If a family has a crisis of trust and doubts each other everywhere, everything will be bad, and the emotional foundation will be shaken.

If you are the lover of your choice, dont doubt his ability. Give him a little confidence and let him do things freely.

When he mops the floor, dont worry about not mopping up the floor. When he goes out to do business, dont doubt that it will be ruined. Everyone needs to grow up.

Trust him, believe that he can do well, then everything will go in the direction you want, optimistic attitude, not too pessimistic.

There are no two exactly the same leaves in the world, which is the same for couples.

Living under the same roof, in the long-term process of getting along with each other, you will find many shortcomings of each other, and even gradually enlarge.

Bumps and bumps are inevitable, which requires a running in process, which tests the patience of both sides.

After all, we may have conflicts when we live with our parents, let alone our partners. Everyone has his own preferences.

Over the years, they will also form their own lifestyle and habits, and it is difficult to change them immediately.

If the other party has done something to your satisfaction, please praise him in time and affirm him.

You can often praise how capable and excellent he is. He has such a good vision that he married such a good husband.

Especially when there are differences in the views and understanding of things between husband and wife, appropriate praise will produce magic power and strengthen communication.

Daisaku Ikeda of Japan once pointed out the relationship between marriage and youth

Marriage is the end of youth, but also the starting point for a happy life. In order to make it bear good fruit, we should not be anxious, we should be cautious and sincere.

Smart women know that marriage, even the rest of their lives, this is their life happiness or not the biggest chip.

In marriage, the person who should love most is himself. Only those who have the ability to love themselves are qualified to be loved.

The most important thing to watch is your own feelings, not the superficial scenery. Therefore, we must be careful in the treatment of marriage, not rash.

Author: tease, focus on the study of sexual marriage.