In the name of family: the collapse of Lingxiao people? The dregs in warm mens clothes all have these characteristics

 In the name of family: the collapse of Lingxiao people? The dregs in warm mens clothes all have these characteristics

Lingxiaos biological mother came back from Singapore. After the two finally reconciled, his mother and half sister had a car accident on the way to Singapore, unconscious.

Lingxiao finally worried about her mother and went to Singapore to study and accompany her mother.

That is to say, from here on, many people feel that Lingxiao elder brothers good mans human setup is more and more wrong, and began to collapse.

It is mainly manifested in the following three trough points:

Qi Mingyue told Li Jianjian about Zhao Huaguangs visit to he Ziqiu, and he Ziqiu lost his temper against Qi Mingyue.

At this time, the warm elder brother went online. She came to comfort Qi Mingyue from the sky, praised her intelligence and beauty, and encouraged her not to deny herself because of others, but to have self-confidence.

At this moment, Qi Mingyue looked at him with different eyes. Later, she wrote Lingxiao into her composition, saying, at that moment, I felt that he was shining!

Qi Mingyue sent Lingxiao to the airport, but before he got off the bus, he even took the initiative to kiss him. He did not refuse or draw a clear line.

Mingming doesnt like Qi Mingyue. She just treats her as her sister, but treats each other in the same way as her boyfriend, making the other party mistakenly understand.

Thinking of a, but good to B. Theres no sense of boundaries at all.

2. Weakness

Lingxiao has lived with her mother in Singapore for nine years, and has never returned home.

When he plucked up the courage to say that he wanted to settle in China, his mother detained Li Lingxiaos passport and smashed his mobile phone to prevent him from contacting his family in China.

The original family gave him a broken childhood, but he did not have the courage to draw a clear line with the originator. He has been suffering from not only himself, but also his family in China.

3. Double label

Lingxiao and Li Jianjian together, very sweet, fancy confession you are my medicine..

Let Qi Mingyue supervise Li Jianjian to fall in love, and return home to confirm the love relationship. Li Jianjian is required to keep a distance with his younger brother immediately.

But he himself did not keep a distance with Qi Mingyue, as before.

In nine years, too much can be changed.

Lingxiao just asked Li Jianjian to keep his feelings until he came back, but he couldnt do it. He came back to see her once in nine years. Lingxiao has some double marks for her development.

Although the story line of a TV play is the result of the arrangement of the screenwriter, we should watch the drama rationally.

Return to real life, there will be some scum men dressed as good men, single-minded and infatuated, and act selfishly.

Today, Id like to talk about the characteristics of scum man and how to prevent him in choosing a mate.


What are the characteristics of slag men?

A friend asked, is there really a warm but not slag boy? It cant be said that its not 100%, but 99.99% is not.

When it comes to warm men, this boys instinct is to overestimate what the opposite sex means to himself.

When a girl looks at him more, he may think that the other side likes him. In fact, he should call him a sentimental one at most.

But this misunderstanding can give them more opportunities to have their own follow-up development.

We need to know the mate selection strategy of male students. One is to use the long-term mate selection strategy. Each long-term choice relationship treats his or her partner exclusively and raises offspring together with his partner.

The other is short-term spouse selection, which only talks about the present feeling and not the future.

Using the posture of pretending to be a long-term choice blinds the girls, and only after that they say that they have no plans to marry and have children, thus delaying the girls youth.

But only responsible for long-term selection, short-term selection does not care.

The lucky man heals his life with his childhood, while the unfortunate man heals his childhood with his whole life

They may be young because of the problem of survival, have to be self-taught observation, usually slag mans mother is a very difficult to get along with.

Because they have a difficult mother, they are forced to exercise their EQ since childhood, and they will understand womens psychology very well.

In particular, there are many older sisters of such boys, they will be very understanding of female psychology.

If you find a boy, his original family is too complicated, for example, his parents have many marriages, and then his previous love history is also very complicated.

If a boys father has bad habits, such as taking drugs, gambling, and drinking, etc.

In particular, his original family had domestic violence, and many of the boys who came out of this environment were scum men.

The original family is the first environment that everyone comes into contact with since he was born.

Parents are their first teachers. If the upper beam of his parents is not correct, then the lower beam is also easy to be crooked.

Slag mans childhood has not been moistened by love, grow up will develop to take, the character is dark.

2. Low self esteem

Some boys they coax girls sweet life, even for girls can not self-esteem.

They can even slap their faces and ask for forgiveness. Some boys tattoo their girlfriends names and various repentance letters.

We all know that feelings need two people to stand up and talk, not one person kneeling.

Kneeling all the year round, this relationship is bound to be short-lived, or need to be paid by girls at other costs.

Some girls said they couldnt tell whether they were kneeling or really loving her

If you say you have sex exchange, what he did for you, would you like to?

For example, there are no special circumstances for boys to wash feet for girls, but what about girls?

She certainly is not willing, then do not accept the other party to give you this kind of service.

The other is kneeling and licking men have no desire to protect.

Most of the dregs in the beginning of contact with the actual action hint themselves slag, but some girls did not pay attention to.

Often said that men go out very hard, his wife never care about him, will only give him tonic, not in men and womens affairs bother him.

Just met soon, and girls said that their friends flash marriage, married very happy son.

If his girlfriend feels uncomfortable with the opposite sex, he will face a heavy face: if you dont believe me like this, I cant help it.

Im playing with other people. Its true love to you. I didnt expect you to be so ignorant. Im disappointed.

I want to marry you. I only like you because you are sensible.

If a boy often says these things to the girl, sometimes he suppresses and sometimes tries, the girl may be brainwashed and thinks that he is not sensible.

How to break the slag absorption constitution?

1. Choose a mate without greed

Learn to objectively evaluate the value of their partner, mate selection is not greedy.

Dont covet the kind of people whose conditions are better than their own, and be alert to the perfect man, so as not to fall into the trap of slag man.

Some married men disguise as unmarried and cheat girls to have sex with them.

Finally, the girl had to use it when she was pregnant, or it was evaporation from the human world. It was so dregs that it could no longer be used.

Unmarried girls must not be greedy. If a boy with good conditions meets you, first of all, he is not secretly happy, but asks himself, is he really so good?

If a man is successful in his career and on call, he has a lot of time to chat with you every day to create romance, which is very doubtful in itself.

Rich people are not so idle, if you are not a beautiful woman, then carefully examine the other side, show the conditions are true.

At the same time, find some people around you who are higher than your EQ to help you analyze.

Xiao Yuns ex boyfriend came to retrieve her. He had cheated her by cheating others. Now he said he knew he was wrong and hoped to be together again.

She asked her best friend, who said he knew he was wrong, so give him a chance.

Then Xiao Yun got back together with his predecessor without any real commitment.

It wasnt long before the ex cheated again.

Xiao Yuns best friend said that when a boy was young, he would spend money. If he got married, he would have to forgive him.

I told Xiao Yun that if you want to have a single-minded relationship after marriage, this boy is definitely not a good match. He should stay away from this poisonous girl.

If you associate with a boy, dont let him meet with his best friend alone.

Peoples hearts cant stand the test.

People around you are likely to be the same as girls, making a mess of ideas. If you cross your friends, the other party will catch up with you and pry into the corner. You will be betrayed and blocked.

3. Dont be too eager for emotional value

Many girls know that slag man is not good, but they still cant leave it. Instead, they repeatedly encounter slag man and may have to find the crux.

Ordinary straight men dont have much experience in love and dont understand romance. They may have to tell them what they like, and they will pay again.

And slag mans romance is endless, may follow the romantic love song, can take you to experience the emotional experience of roller coaster.

If a boy can take a look at your heart, warm to the extreme, then it is likely that he has experienced many women and has rich experience.

Girls must stay awake and tell themselves that they are not special ones.

If we can provide emotional value ourselves, we will not be blinded by the illusory emotional value of slag man.

If we are all angry, clinging to heaven and earth, and stabbing all over the body, high-quality men will be scared away.

Slag men will smell the smell and bribe us with emotional value. When girls are inseparable, they will expose the short board of all kinds of dregs, and let girls be rescue messengers.

When we are full of positive energy, those scum men will be easily avoided by us.

When you meet a real high-quality boy of your own, you will attract what kind of person you are.

If you are a sunshine person, then there will be a boy who will cut through the thorns and bathe in the sunshine to find you.

The author, Lu Meiran, has a double masters degree in overseas returnees. She is good at guiding older white-collar women to take off their orders and improve their emotional intelligence. Her emotional counseling cases have lasted for more than one week and helped more than 2000 visitors to answer questions.