Recitation: love is the salvation of the soul

 Recitation: love is the salvation of the soul

Between heaven and earth, love is a timely spring rain that moistens all things. It is enough to comfort the dry heart, to resolve all conflicts of gratitude and resentment, to let the cold and strange heart full of estrangement and even resentment break through all barriers and shackles. Because of love, human reason and conscience become the most affectionate scenery in the world. Because of love, all puzzles and sorrows of life become from then on Warm and the future can be expected.

In the works, life, about love, about beauty, about the goodness of human nature, are wisps of warm fire in the world. In all the desolate world, in any kind of intrigue, in the mud full of chaos and dust, it brings warmth and comfort to the wounded heart of the people who are struggling, and gives them hope, strength and courage to move forward.

In the end, he will turn all his love and nostalgia for his loved ones into one word and one sentence of beautiful and sunny love, like the golden flowers bathed in the holy light, like the warm lines of Ramayanas poetry collection, like the birds in front of the window staying outside the window for a moment to look at each other and gaze at each other, and like autumn leaves falling quietly on the ground, tossing and sighing gently

The reason why the poet is great is that he can still find the broadness and firmness of love and the beautiful sunshine and power in every fragment after he has been worn, beaten and crushed. With these, he can sew the pieces together, and then, still facing the sun, give people the best timbre and singing!

They use such a pure and transparent love to complete self salvation, and also give all people a kind of rational and upward light. Just as Tagore said: no matter how the world kisses me with pain, I will repay it with song!

Suddenly, I think of the same hatred towards the family in the tale of two cities. Dr. Manetta chose to support the love between her daughter and son-in-law, and completed her inner resentment with love forgiveness; while Madame Defarge chose crazy revenge all her life, and eventually died of unnatural death; in Oliver Twist, Nancy, who was born in the den of thieves all the year round, was later inspired by her inner love conscience In Romeo and Juliet, the hatred between the two ancient families is resolved because of the unswerving love between the two young people

In life, those who can choose to repay good for evil have gone through a great storm adjustment in their own hearts. In the ideological struggle that others do not know, they have completed a spiritual salvation and reconciled their inner love and resentment. The power of love is always stronger than the power of hate. Therefore, with love in the bottom of my heart, the final life and soul will be calm and beautiful.

When we grow up in the worlds peaks and valleys, when we toss in the ups and downs of life, when we trudge in the rainy night or in the mire, please dont forget to still keep the glimmer of love in our hearts, and take care of it with original heart, sincerity and selflessness. These good virtues are like the palms surrounded by the glimmer, and love will twinkle in the middle and last forever. As long as the fire of love burns, our hearts will be full of heat and will never turn back; as long as the light of love is bright, our life will have direction and full of strength!

Life, there is love, there is the salvation of the soul, there is the spiritual richness when he looks back!

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