White moonlight: women want to find a good stepfather for their children? Yang Yan turns on the wrong mode

 White moonlight: women want to find a good stepfather for their children? Yang Yan turns on the wrong mode


Yang Yan is a miserable woman. Her first divorce was due to GUI and the second divorce was due to domestic violence. The failure of her marriage made her go out of the house. Only her son, Wang Lu, depended on each other. It seems not impossible to live a lifetime like this. However, Yang Yan made a wrong decision and dragged Zhang Xin into the water and into a more difficult situation. Thats a married man. You shouldnt stretch out your hand even if its better and more suitable. Even if you once had love and righteousness, you should be well-balanced now. Do you want to destroy other peoples families to satisfy your unhappiness?


At first, I thought that Yang Yans behavior was because of his love for Zhang Xin. Therefore, no matter Zhang Xin has a family, wife and daughter, he should be a third party regardless. I was wrong. It was a big mistake. I didnt know Yang Yans good intentions until I saw the finale. How ironic is it just to find a good father for his son Wang Lu? Because Zhang Xin is qualified for this role from any angle? God, are you sick. What you think is happiness is not happiness. Is happiness really Wang Lus?


Youll have to pay it back sooner or later. Zhang Yi is definitely not a fuel-efficient lamp. Let Wang Lu know that Zhang Xin, Zhang Yi and Xiaoxiao are three members of the family. The good friend Yang Yan introduced to Wang Lu actually has a family. Such a gap is totally unacceptable to Wang Lu. As he ran out, I was worried that he would be hit by a speeding car. Fortunately not, also give Yang Yan a last comfort. It also gives Yang Yan a chance to repent and correct. In fact, Zhang Xin is not with Yang Yan. But Yang Yan and his son, Wang Lu, were able to retreat.


Divorce is indeed one of the misfortunes of life. (Wen / Piaoyu Tung) but not necessarily, this is the end of life. Knowing clearly that its not right to be a junior, but also to destroy other peoples families. This is knowing the mistakes and making mistakes, which is equivalent to intensifying the situation. How can your happiness be based on the suffering of others? When the truth comes to light, the reaction force on you is hard to estimate. Besides, your child must not want to have a new father like this. Its too clever to do all the tricks, but its a mistake for Qing Qings life. The deliberate plan ended up in nothing.

This experience must be the past of Yang Yan. Cultivate the King Deer well. This is a rare lost and recovered