Elder sister: wear wedding dress to marry this stage, let love return to the original place

 Elder sister: wear wedding dress to marry this stage, let love return to the original place

Maybe marry this stage reminds me of Anita Mui, which is the last comfort for her. Love, ask but not. Every time I fall in love, I always blossom but never bear fruit. This is her biggest regret, she has already prepared this most gorgeous wedding dress. She is going to wear it and walk into the palace of marriage with the people she loves. Since there is no chance, wear it on the stage. Its like, married to the stage. Anita Mui has a lot of fans who support her and many friends and relatives who love to protect her. Its a pity that the disease took her away mercilessly.



Like many netizens, I was very moved after watching this performance. No matter who the group is? But dont leave any regrets every time you perform. After all, sister riding the wind and waves is eliminated. So, if someone stays, someone leaves. Then, those who stay will replace those who leave. Continue to realize this dream of womens League, anyway, we will soon know the result. There seems to be some truth in all kinds of versions coming and going on the Internet. But I still hope to hear the official announcement, because I am not willing to give up. And every sister has a reason to stay.


Zhang Yuqi said, back to my original love, how many people forget what the initial love is? What was the initial persistence? What was the initial ideal? To be honest, I forgot. Muddle through the day, because the time is too busy, too busy to think. Vaguely, can still remember their own persistence. I dont know if its in vain. In short, but do good things, dont ask about your future.. What will be arranged for me? What will you give me? I dont know. Waiting is. I fight for the struggle, the rest to fate.


Lets take a look at the sisters in their wedding dresses on the stage. Soon, they will end the stage of sister who rides the wind and waves. They are going to return to where they should be. Live as you live, and work as you work. But it will be the best thing for them to remember, just have a chance in their life. Besides, there are so many sisters to accompany. (article / Piaoyu Tong) this is the focus of their stage of riding the wind and waves, and it is also a new starting point of their life. Let love return to the original place, good refueling!