60 year old CCTV anchor Zhang Hongmin eats ice cream alone

 60 year old CCTV anchor Zhang Hongmin eats ice cream alone

CCTV news today (29), a 9 second trembling video, has dragged back the former news anchor Zhang Hongmin to the eyes of people. Description of the business is not even talked about in a hurry, and the instant discussion tiktok was launched. Zhang Hongmin who had enjoyed her old age suddenly became a loser in the eyes of some netizens.

This video was released by a media on 29 tiktok, and only three pictures appeared in 9 seconds. But it also rendered a sad atmosphere of the elderly who gave their lives to their careers without any wife and children.

At the bottom of the video, the introduction reads: Zhang Hongmin presided over 32 years with zero mistakes, which is the top in the industry. He is so busy with his career that he has never been in love. He has retired and started his old age. It seems that he is praising Zhang Hongmins hosting performance, but he is hard to draw on the blank of his emotional life.

But to the message area, is the real large-scale confusion behavior scene.

At first, the two most popular comments were tolerant. Netizens expressed their respect for Zhang Hongmins life choice and affirmed his dedication and low-key.

But as soon as he pulled down, the painting style gradually deviated. Some harsh netizens began to teach Zhang Hongmin to be a man online and recount his failures to say, blind in the dark with such a good gene, dont you even have children? All the books are in vain! Whats the point of being alive? Not a good son, incomplete life

This collective scene of criticism makes people wonder: now the threshold for eating a popsicle must be have children and women?

In addition to the netizens who hate iron but not steel, there are also worried people who send warm tips to cheer Zhang Hongmin: its not too late to be 60 years old, have a baby quickly, come on!

After dancer Yang Liping was criticized in June that the biggest failure of a woman is to have no children, Zhang Hongmin became the second target of this years so-called childless is failure.

Its embarrassing that this photo of eating ice cream on the street is not new. On July 12, some netizens posted this photo on the social platform.

In the photo, Zhang Hongmin, wearing casual short sleeves and a pair of black trousers on his lower body, sits on a bench eating ice cream, looking relaxed and grounded.

In fact, this kind of article has long been year after year: in 2018, Zhang Hongmin, who was exercising, was said to be still unmarried at the age of 57; in 2019, Zhang Hongmin, who took pictures with others at a dinner party, was said to be still alone at the age of 58. This year, he naturally did not avoid eating ice cream.

In addition to appearing in a medical activity venue and some small commercial activities last year, Zhang Hongmin has rarely appeared in the audiences view. He left the impression that he was the host of CCTV news broadcast.

Born in 1961, Zhang Hongmin graduated from Communication University of China. In 2009, he won the golden microphone Award for national announcer and host. In 2014, he said goodbye to news broadcast, retired behind the scenes with her former partner Li Ruiying, and started training in the CCTV announcer and host business Steering Committee.

After retiring from the second tier, Zhang Hongmin actively participated in public welfare undertakings. On October 10, 2014, he was appointed as the national mental health propaganda ambassador.

Maybe he didnt know that eating an ice cream himself could also arouse a heated discussion on career and family, and even be ridiculed by some netizens as childless, childless and unresponsive.

CCTV anchor Zhang Hongmin is ridiculed for eating ice cream alone