A tragic car accident in Wuhan

 A tragic car accident in Wuhan

After receiving the alarm, the command center of Wuhan fire rescue detachment quickly mobilized Hankou North fire rescue station to the scene for rescue.

According to the situation of the scene, the commander immediately issued a rescue order, and the alert group cooperated with the traffic police to guard the scene of the accident to prevent the occurrence of the secondary accident; subsequently, the firefighters used the hydraulic breaking tool group, toothless saw and other demolition equipment to break the deformed vehicle, increasing the rescue space.

After more than ten minutes of demolition and rescue, the trapped people were successfully rescued and sent to the scene medical staff for inspection and rescue.

At present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

Fire and rescue departments remind: vehicles must do a good job in safety inspection before driving, drive carefully, do not fatigue driving, speeding. When driving, you should pay attention to the road, terrain and obstacles, and slow down when turning to ensure driving safety.