Valextra extra Milano designers cooperate to limit bags landing in Beijing

 Valextra extra Milano designers cooperate to limit bags landing in Beijing

Valextraextramilano contains 6 capsule series. Adhering to valextras consistent pursuit of aesthetics, quality, function and innovation, it skillfully integrates tradition with modernity, and interprets the spiritual connotation of Milans new generation from different angles. The designers are inspired by a variety of sources: the hidden entrance of the historic buildings in Milan; the complicated and bold retro patterns and colors derived from the local traditional silk art; the innocent childrens graffiti paintings; and the inherent elegant style of Milan people.

(valextraextramilano designer co branded handbag)

On the day of the launch of valextraextramilano designers, the layout of valextra Beijing flagship store continued the project of sailing through times recently launched during Milan digital fashion week. In this theme, valextras handbag works are compared to sailboats. Ratti, a famous Italian silk fabric brand, adopts 10 kinds of colorful sail patterns to present a virtual sea journey with exquisite space devices. Through the sailing through times project, valextra aims to open a new creative journey, paying tribute to the brands value connotation, luxury heritage and community spirit.

In the valextraextramilano series, the handbags jointly designed by Sunei and ladoublej have been sold in valextra designated boutiques for limited sales. In addition, valextras works in cooperation with Planc, Arthur arbesser and massimoalba will be on the market in the second half of the year.



This year, valextra pays tribute to Milans heritage, opens a new project of extramilano, gathers the diverse forces of this creative city, and makes a distinctive voice, injecting new vitality into todays challenging and volatile world. Sara Ferrero, valextras global chief executive, points out that valextra has always focused on aesthetics, quality, function and innovation, but also on the broader world. Through extramilano, we can not only create wonderful products, but also make people realize that we should provide more support for brands and people who deserve our respect and attention. Extramilano is not a simple cooperation between several brands, but a blend and collision of six creative perspectives. Whats more, its not only product or business cooperation, but also the sharing of knowledge and resources.





Sunnei, launched in Milan in 2014, is an independent designer brand co founded by Italian designers Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina. They had never worked with any brand before, but they readily accepted the invitation from valextra. This is the first time sunnei has cooperated with other brands in creative cooperation, and it is also a rare opportunity to express our understanding of product quality and value. Nowadays, Brand Co branding is emerging in an endless stream, and we have been waiting for an appropriate opportunity. Valextra adheres to the eternal and sincere beauty, which is our long-term pursuit. This kind of beauty, beyond the traditional concept of fashion, will be a wonderful collision between exquisite skills and bold creativity.

Sunnei put their distinctive style mark into valextras Passepartout magic cube bag with changeable functions, because the style of this handbag blurs the gender boundary, the contour is neat and neat, and the changeable shape is just suitable for our dolls creativity. We first created a weekend bag, then a smaller handbag, one set, and finally a small pocket change. Valextras historical archives provide us with materials for creation, which makes us determine the design concept of dolls at the first time.



Arthur believes that valextra represents the charm of Milan and the natural elegance of Milan women. Valextra exudes a low-key luxury, which is the essence of Milan. Milans charm comes from the focus on quality, as well as the true presentation of self, rather than showing off. Valextras products are integrated with architectural aesthetics, which is a very attractive place for me. Precise lines and shapes reveal a rigorous aesthetic feeling. I have a deep respect for this brand, and it is for this reason that I am honored to work with valextra to give a new interpretation to Breras handbag, inspired by the women I am familiar with in Milan.


In 2016, Italian designer massimaulba founded his own brand with the same name in Milan. Prior to that, he worked as a designer and creative director of several well-known Italian brands, with more than 20 years of rich experience. He is keen on using high-end fabrics in his works, using deconstructive tailoring, and using natural chemical free dyes in the dyeing process.