Trojan: we are our own backwater when we appear on this stage

 Trojan: we are our own backwater when we appear on this stage

Among the bands, the style of Trojan horse is unique. Many other bands will also regard them as idols and benchmarks. And in their own minds, young bands also let them enjoy. In the face of some new forces born in the 90s and even after the 00s, the Trojan horse thinks very good because the development of the times is always dominated by the latecomers. In addition, I also think that in the music world, many great works happen in the back, which is our attitude towards the future. The past is always a classic. It has become history. Maybe we focus on the future. We have our own future. We are on this stage now, we are our own backwater.

In the program, Muma has a very impressive sentence, talent is not a diamond, heart is a diamond. When asked how to understand this sentence, he explained: for example, its like a person walking on the road with a bag on his back. In order to be more secure, he constantly goes to pick up gold, diamonds, silver tickets, and then his ID card, drivers license and room book. This thing is carried forward in the bag, the bigger the thing, the heavier the burden. But when one day, he really lost (these things), was robbed by robbers, or you lost, you become yourself. In fact, your heart is diamond and wealth. Your heart is the wealth among all wealth. I dont think its wealth to be taken away or lost. What you cant lose, including your bad habits, is wealth.

Talking about the changes in music concepts over the years, they think that the most constant thing they have is the image, the picture and the breath. Breath is the most important thing in a band. Every band has its own unique flavor. When he stood on the stage, when his temperament came out, the breath was irreplaceable and unique. For the band, this breath, this fan, the gene hidden in the music, is the most important

They are also honest that their music has been more or less affected by the market these years, but this change can be divided into two kinds: positive changes are absolutely irresistible to us. But relatively negative changes may need to be controlled. For example, there are some dissatisfaction and deficiencies in the future, the past and the present on this stage. We cant get involved in them. We still have to find ways to solve them.

The eyeliner of the lead singer, Mu MA (photo: Gao Yuan)

After the program was broadcast, in addition to the discussion on music, they also gained more views from the audience. It also includes ridicule for the leading singers Wooden eyeliner. For this, Mu Ma laughs and says he does not mind. I have Eyeliner from the beginning, Trojan horse, old Trojan horse period I have smoky smokes, all kinds of explosions, what has happened, so fortunately, I feel very happy. He also joked that he might be the terminator of Liang Long if he went to make-up.

Do you feel late for variety show?

As long as it happens, its not too late. As long as anything develops slowly, its not too late to be a stagnant pool.


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