Rescuers restore Shanxi Linfen Hotel collapse accident: a trapped little girl told her father where she was by mobile phone

 Rescuers restore Shanxi Linfen Hotel collapse accident: a trapped little girl told her father where she was by mobile phone

Rescuer observation:

The steel bar in the middle of the precast slab can be seen to be rusty when the floor slab is broken on site

Zheng Jianyong said that because of the collapse of the precast slab stack, so the rescue is more difficult. There were casualties under the collapsed floor and upstairs, and the color steel tile roof of the house was still shaking when the rescue was launched, which also caused some difficulties for the rescue. The first thing the rescue workers do is fix the colored steel tile roof, and then use the supporting method to open up the life passage in the small space below. After rescuing the visible injured and ensuring that there are no injured persons in the superstructure, the floor is jacked up with a jack. Use crane to lift away the 30 square meter color steel roof of the house.

Zheng Jianyong told the Red Star News reporter that from the broken floor at the scene, it can be observed that the reinforcement in the middle of the precast slab has rusted, which is supposed to be the collapse caused by the aging of the precast slab.

Zheng Jianyong learned from the scene that it was an old man in the village who was celebrating his birthday when the accident happened. According to local customs, the old people usually have a breakfast and noodles in the morning. Although it was not lunch time at the time of the incident, the relatives and actors who helped had already made preparations, and the actors were already setting up the stage. During the rescue, rescue workers also inquired about the scene and preliminarily counted the number of trapped people, which was about 50.

There was a trapped little girl who contacted her father via mobile phone to inform her location

But they were not rescued

Zheng Jianyong was deeply impressed by a trapped teenage girl during the rescue. Zheng Jianyong said that the little girl with a mobile phone, when trapped, she kept contacting her father outside and told her father that she was in the northwest corner of the hotel and asked rescue workers to rescue her. The rescue workers opened the rescue channel in the northwest corner, but the rescue was very difficult. When the rescue workers found the little girl, the little girl had no sign of life. There was also an old man holding the little girl. Under the protection of the old man, the little girl was saved, but the old man was not saved.

The rescue team finally finished killing and withdrawing from the scene at 6 am today. Zheng Jianyong said that 57 people were eventually rescued and 29 people were killed. He told the Red Star News reporter that the collapse accident is generally close to the walls and pillars of the life triangle area, a lot of narrow space, trapped people have a relatively high probability of survival, but the rescue is also relatively difficult. The local temperature on the day of the incident was very high, above 30 degrees, which was also a test for rescue workers and trapped people.

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