Ma Yun: cultivating children must be investment, not speculation

 Ma Yun: cultivating children must be investment, not speculation

When it comes to why Yungu was founded, Ma Yun said that jianyungu hopes to solve the anxiety of education. We are not running this school on a whim, not to make money, or to explore a different way of teaching.

He said that todays education was established after the first industrial revolution and was designed for the future more than 200 years ago. But todays environment is completely different from 200 years ago. Education in the industrial age serves the assembly line and is standardized, but in the future, many standardized work will be replaced by machines.

There are many good schools in the world today, but they are good schools based on the thinking of the past; there is no good school in the world for the future. What cloud Valley wants to do is to build a different school for the future.

Ma said that the mission of cloud Valley is not to pursue success, but to make every child the best of himself. What we should really give our children is the ability to be happy, to give others happiness, to make ourselves happy, and to learn to enjoy happiness.

As for how to teach children, Ma Yun summed up several points: Yungu does not cultivate test machines, and will not give up comprehensive ability training for scores, but Yungus children will not be afraid of exams in the future; teachers do not give correct answers, but let children find the answers; opposing advanced learning, sometimes fast is not good.

On the issue that parents are concerned about, Ma Yun said that Yungu does not seek to let every child enter a famous school, but supports each child to choose a school suitable for him. Its better to choose a famous school than to choose a famous department. Its better to find a master who understands the truth.

Ma Yun believes that childrens investment is not speculation. The stock market will be trading tomorrow, but it will not matter if it falls down later. Children will grow up slowly and can not be trading overnight.

I hope that every child and every parent feels proud that I have a different child.

He advised parents not to worry about their childrens failure to go to university after graduation from high school, but to worry that their children are not interested in learning and feel confused about life. Therefore, the responsibility of parents is to work with the school to let their children find their own lifelong love. The interest class is not to add points, for parents to have face, but to really find an interest for children. Ma Yun suggests that we should become parents to help children realize their dreams, not to become parents who let their children realize their dreams. We should be supporters of children, not controllers. At the same time, Ma Yun suggested that parents should respect the young and love the old: respect children and young people, and respect their ideas. In ancient times, there is only one purpose for raising a child today: to make him healthy, to make him happy, and to let him bring happiness to others. (Peng Lihui) source of this article: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NBJ11279