Eight months later, college students return to their dormitories and grow hot peppers. Netizens: where do the seeds come from

 Eight months later, college students return to their dormitories and grow hot peppers. Netizens: where do the seeds come from

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Whos got the pepper in the dormitory

According to qingjiao video microblog, on August 29, a netizen released a video of pepper growing in the dormitory toilet, which became popular on the Internet. In the video, a pepper grows out of the crevice next to the toilet squat, and produces pepper. Many netizens commented in succession: where did this seed come from? It is understood that the video was shot in Guangzhou College of South China University of technology in Guangzhou. Li Xueyuan, the photographer of the video, said that they had not returned to school for eight months because of the epidemic. Once they returned to their dormitories, they found a pepper growing, which was very funny, so the video was uploaded to the social platform. At present, the pepper has been pulled out.

Hot discussion among netizens

School dormitories are growing out of pepper, in the end, who left the seeds?

On August 30, the content of an online contribution caused heated discussion among netizens because it was too rare. The content of the contribution showed that: punch in the topic of opening school. When the school season arrived, I returned to school after eight months. Then I found that a dormitory of the school actually grew pepper. Ha ha! At first, when I saw this topic, I thought it was what kind of dormitory it was. Until I saw the following pictures, I felt that the whole person would split. Who can tell me who left the seed? And what kind of miracle made a pepper plant grow in the crack of toilet tile?

Netizen: its better than my mothers farming!

Netizen 4: should be the friend of Sichuan or Hunan, over there all is fond of spicy as life!

Personally, its really not easy to grow a plant here. This pepper plant shows us its strong vitality. It also blooms and bears fruits. If the people in this dormitory dont mind, they can actually pick these peppers and send them to the uncles and aunts in the canteen. After washing, it is still very clean. Even a pepper seed is so tenacious As human beings, we must face the world firmly.

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