Beautiful scholar: Feng Chengjuns father boyfriends, you can have a good time

 Beautiful scholar: Feng Chengjuns father boyfriends, you can have a good time

The drama is still a bit old-fashioned, women disguised as men to enter school, but also have to mix up. The heroine Xue Wenxi, played by Ju Jingyi, has become a beautiful scholar favored by everyone. The hero Feng Chengjun, can be regarded as a more special set.

Although many of the main characters in the play are set as Gao Leng, the cold is somewhat monotonous, and Feng Chengjuns character is still somewhat complex and full.

But at the same time, he is not perfect. He has a lot of problems. These problems should be his personality, which makes people uncomfortable, dislike, or unbearable. Because of several outstanding performances, he is jokingly called fathers boyfriend.

Of course, first of all, because he is the hero, this is a joke, in fact, the main reason is that although this person is not very easy to get along with, although paternal to make people have pressure, but also has many advantages, only you can afford, he is a qualified good boyfriend.

The problems in him can be regarded as a kind of advantage if we interpret them from some angles. It may take more time and patience to get to know such people.

Once you get to know him and walk into his world, you will find that he is a treasure boy friend. At the same time, he will also be a treasure friend or people around him.

1u3001 Lets take a look at his problem

Why not say that these are his shortcomings, but problems, which is why. In fact, these shortcomings of him will become advantages by switching the positions and ideas of the characters.

He will not cover you up, will not be soft hearted, will not not not talk about principles and feelings. Even his own teachers, superiors or dignified people, he is only reasonable, not emotional.

If you cant see his face, most people would think that Feng Chengjun is an old scholar, full of benevolence and morality, and full of books of sages. I will not be flexible in case of any problem. I will only live according to the set in the book.

Such people, it seems that there is no interest in life, no friends, no one is willing to close. Its like people living in a mold. They are less random and more likely to live according to routines and rules. They are rigid like a robot.

For example, in one class, the teacher played magic and played with the students. When he couldnt see it, he stood up and opposed it. At that time, he was also a little annoying, seemed to be a little bit self righteous, a little too serious.

I dont know about other peoples affairs. Anyway, fengchengjun manages xuewenxi, which is more than my father.

First, help her enter the school, arrange for her, recommend her, and supervise her study when she goes in. If she is late, if she doesnt attend class, if she plays with anyone, if she comes back late, she should be supervised.

Xue Wenxi, a woman disguised as a man, was originally his younger brother, but he was treated as his own child.

Although this is a kind of care, a special treatment, but sometimes I still feel that he is a little annoying, a little bit more strict. At the same time, she always asked for her own ideas, which made her dissatisfied.

However, these problems, in fact, have been slightly adjusted, which is actually the advantages. Under the influence of xuewenxi, fengchengjun gradually becomes softer, just like being softened and kneaded more evenly.

This is why we should say that ordinary people have no luck to accept Feng Chengjun, such as father boyfriends. Xue Wenxi, a patient, loving and smart girl, even if she doesnt like Feng Chengjuns performance, she can understand the deep meaning behind his performance. Even if she doesnt like his interference, she also knows that he is caring and kind.

Therefore, she did not really hate him, but ran in with him and influenced him. At the same time, she knew how to appreciate his positive and positive advantages.

Bi Rufeng Chengjun admitted that he was in charge of too much, and said to Xue Wenxi, you should not be forced to stand up for what you dont want. So I will not intervene in your affairs any more...

1. Be upright and clear in heart

In fact, Feng Chengjun is a rare and honest man. He is the second generation of officials. He can enjoy some special treatment directly. However, he never makes use of his privileges. Instead, he is reasonable and fair in everything.

He is a man with clean eyes and a clear heart. He is a reliable man and a man who will help others to uphold justice. In this way, he will not bully the weak, and will not make use of his family background to do some excessive and immoral things.

The truth in his heart, as if rooted, as if he was born as a good person.

2. Help others and help the root, act in silence and ask for no return

To Feng Chengjun, doing well should also be casual in daily life. As long as he meets the need, he will lend a helping hand. Not to mention xuewenxi, his help is also real. For example, when he first found out that Wenxi was talented and short of money, he recommended him to school.

Later, seeing that Wenxi didnt study hard and wanted to quit school, she reminded her not to. In order to save the risk of dropping out of school, she went to help Wenxi and Lei Zexin find witnesses to prove their innocence.

In doing this, he did not ask for a reward, and he did not tell Wenxi that he wanted to help others because he did not want to give back. He just wanted to help or could help, so he helped. And they all help in obscurity, and remind Wenxi to look for him when he needs money and lend it to her.

Later see kiss Xi to make money to write words, copy books, and quietly help her copy. At this time, Wen Xi was still a student in his eyes, not because of beauty or some purpose.

3. Set an example and be strict with yourself

A common type of people is that we often ask others how to do, but never reflect on whether they are good enough or right.

However, his exemplary power is not that he wants to be an example, not to show others, but to take it for granted that he should do a good job in doing things well, which must be a more difficult part.

4. Refuse if you dont like it. Its not ambiguous and procrastinating

Miss Han likes Feng Chengjun. She confesses her love letter to him. She also asks Xue Wenxi to write a love letter to him. He refused at the beginning. Its just that Miss Han refused to let go.

People like Yu Yuexuan are more likely to be tactful when they express themselves to girls. Even Xue Wenxi also felt that when she was confessed, refusing to be too direct would hurt peoples hearts and hurt their self-esteem.

But Feng Chengjun doesnt think so much. He simply doesnt procrastinate. If he doesnt like it, he doesnt like it. If he doesnt accept it, he doesnt give people room. Moreover, its not the kind of refusal and high cold that cant be dragged down, but a sincere refusal.

In his view, this should also be responsible for people. In the emotional world, this kind of person is probably a treasure man.

It can be seen that although Feng Chengjun has a lot of problems and sometimes annoys people, he has more advantages. In the general direction, he is a guy that people have to obey.

Those parts that are not popular are understandable and flexible, acceptable and can be changed and corrected.

Xue Wenxi fell in love with him because she could see the more rare and valuable flash points in him and knew that he was a rare person.

Therefore, even if the relationship between the two people is not smooth at first, she will not accept or fall in love with others, but will choose the unique straight man Feng Chengxi.