424 days after her divorce from the article, Ma Yili was scolded for being hot. Did she really feel relieved?

 424 days after her divorce from the article, Ma Yili was scolded for being hot. Did she really feel relieved?

She compares a woman to an egg.

The ultimate mission of an egg is not to be a fertilized egg. It can be just an egg.

We hope that the society will allow each egg to become its own.

Dont carry too many missions.

But after the speech came out, it unexpectedly caused the opposition of the public.

Said she was anti science.

She said she didnt have low back pain when she stood talking.

She even said she spread distorted values.

Netizens query is well founded.

Claim to be angular.

After marriage, they began to publicize the idea of parenting opposite to independence.

For example, breast-feeding is the best.

Later, in the face of her cheating husband, she gently said and line and treasure, which became the worst demonstration.

Who knows, five years later, still divorced.

He was ridiculed by the public.

Some people say shes a bad girl.

Some people say she made it.

What words do you think of when you mention Ma Yili?



Ma Yili even admitted.

This personality trait has been infused into her soul since she was born.

The education level of Ma Yilis parents is not high.

Children who are beaten usually have two reactions.

Or, cry for mercy.

Or, the more you play, the more you twist.

Ma Yili belongs to the latter.

Every time she was beaten, she would not hide or run away, blushing and looking as if she were dying.

The seed of wry Ba, let her give birth to hard.

Children should have natural dependence on their parents.

But Ma Yili, who has been very hard since childhood, feels that dependence is a kind of shame.

Shes always fighting.

I dont like it.

Finally, he made himself unhappy, his family angry, and both sides were hurt.

Unfortunately, she is not really hard.

This hard background color actually comes from the fathers request.

When I was in college,

Ma Yilis fathers only advice,

When she and the boys go out to dinner, they have to take the AA system.

The bottom born father,

However, he did not know that the excessive emphasis on Independence made Ma Yili lose the ability to make demands.

I want it.

I need it.

Ma Yili has successfully created many female images.

But her favorite is Charlene.

Every time I talk about feelings,

She always uses a plot from struggle.

Lu taoshuang made an appointment.

Lu Tao wants to apologize.

Charlene took out an orange.

Do you want an orange? If you eat, Ill peel the orange. If you dont eat, Ill peel you.

The same is true of Ma Yili.

Struggle brings a lot to Ma Yili.

In her career, she became a new representative of independent women.

In 2008, they married.

At that time, the couple, eight years apart, became a model of marriage between a woman and a man.

The article seems happy to be a little man.

It is insisted that the greatest achievement in life is to marry Ma Yili.

What about Ma Yili?

The article is not well-known and does not meet her requirements for strength.

He always put her first and let her control the whole situation.

This is too much for Ma Yili.

Until 2014, derailment doors broke out.

The skin of the perfect couple is still torn.

When Yao Di nestles in the arms of the article.

Many people have found that,

Everyone is waiting for Ma Yili to make a statement.

Thought she would turn around and leave.

However, she did not.

The wife of the self Yi independent woman chose to forgive.

In 2015, Ma Yilis birthday.

The article secretly planned a second proposal.

He confessed: Xiaowen used to be unreliable, but today I want to be reliable. You are everything. Wife, please marry me

Everything seems to be back on track.

However, they were divorced.

5 years of repair,

A lot of people ridiculed, Ma Yili slapped his mouth.

But I think it is a great progress for Ma Yili to admit his mistakes.

Because Ma Yili is perfect.

After the derailment door was exposed, many people came to a conclusionu2014u2014

Is that true?

In fact, shes been behind the scenes.

Support the article.

The producer of little dad is Ma Yili.

Grasp the lifeblood of the economy.

Every penny earned by the article went into her pocket.

After the derailment door,

In the round table school, Ma Yili changed her old domineering spirit.

And admitted that the harsh demands on some things in the past caused pressure on others and hurt themselves.

The derailment door did not destroy Ma Yili.

On the contrary, this crack has become an opportunity.

In her career, she will independent women to the extreme.

Im still suckling. Im in a vacuum.

Beishangguang do not believe in tears in the convex, is still her black spot.

In marriage, she is in charge of everything.

Take care of the family.

Educate children.

She filled every minute and every second and became a model in the eyes of others.

But behind the perfection is the lack of security.

She was afraid of losing control.

Im afraid I cant master the whole situation.

Marriage is.

Family is.

Ma Yili lost his life and the relationship he wanted to grasp was broken.

Her life, just ushered in a turning point.

Just after the divorce, Ma Yili had a bad time.

Self denial oppresses her heart.

She never cried in front of her daughter because it was a sign of cowardice.

But once, she took her daughter on a trip abroad.

It was just a small thing.

But she started crying at the airport.

But found that, no matter how hard, the mood has been falling.

She felt hopeless.

Its full of frustration.

Its soft.

Its human.

These feedback, refresh her cognition.

At the same time, it will become a shackle.

Always strive for perfection, to the end crushed others, but also hurt themselves.

After all, people dont live for others.

Many people hold on to Ma Yilis remarks and correct them.

She thinks that she just uses the needs of women nowadays to create various kinds of facilities.

I dont agree.

There is nothing wrong with Ma Yilis remarks.

Moreover, these seemingly contradictory words also witnessed her growth.

She has sharp edges.

After 30, shes focused on her family.

We call for your understanding and attention.

After 40, she divorced.

After the ordeal, another door of life opened for her.

She was no longer afraid of embarrassment.

Facing the frustration of life,

She thinks: theres no need to be so good all the time.

Before that, you would never have heard it in her mouth.

But she changed.

Talk about sex.

Talk about desire.

Talk about production.

However, netizens said that these are just human settings.

I feel wronged.

Ma Yili just presents his growth and reality to people.

She didnt mean to create human facilities.

So, you can see her flaws and mistakes.

But it is these mistakes that promote her maturity, let her take off the hardness and embrace tenderness and reality.

There is a sentence in it,

It really touched meu2014u2014

Only older people,

Life is falling.

And using age,

To experience, to try, to challenge,

In the past, Ma Yili always tried his best.

Now, she just wants to give up perfection.

After all, not so good and good.