Witness of Xiangfen Hotel collapse in Shanxi Province

 Witness of Xiangfen Hotel collapse in Shanxi Province

Li Xueyan, a villager, suddenly collapsed when he was saluting in the hotel. He recalled that after breakfast in the morning, because he was afraid that there would be no seat at noon, he and some women and children in the village occupied their seats at the table. Then he got up and asked for a gift, and the conversation collapsed. He and several poker players jumped out of the window to escape. The people inside are in disorder. Many people are digging hard on the ruins to find people from their families.

Li Xueyan said that his wife was also buried in the ruins near the steps. He could hear his wife when he arrived, but could not see his wifes specific location. After the firemen arrived, Li Xueyan was in a hurry and wanted to help, but was stopped by the firemen. He saw that the fireman was talking to his wife with his mobile phone, shouting to ask how many people were inside her. She said two people, sitting on the steps.

The Beijing News reported earlier that the Juxian hotel in Chenzhuang village, Taosi Township, Xiangfen County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province collapsed when an 80 year old man held a birthday banquet here. The roof of the house hall collapsed suddenly, killing 29 people, seriously injuring 7 people and slightly injuring 21 people. The old mans wife was also killed in the accident. After the accident, a major accident rescue team was set up at the scene, with more than 840 rescue teams. At present, the specific cause of the accident is under further investigation.

Proofread by Wu Xingfa