Wechat blocked man falls dead family: too stupid 150000 compensation not from Tencent

 Wechat blocked man falls dead family: too stupid 150000 compensation not from Tencent

Wechat has such a large audience of social software, but it is extremely difficult to find manual customer service. We should all have deep experience.

Now many softwares are connected with intelligent customer service and automatic reply, and can not contact the flexible and popular manual customer service. If there is a problem, they can only talk to the dummy customer service with the same cocks, fidgety and anxious.

Even Xie Na, a female star with 100 million followers, is helpless in the face of abnormal wechat login. She can only get help from wechat only by shouting on Weibo.

So criticized, why doesnt Tencent change this situation and establish a customer service team that can handle important needs?

According to Tencents report, the customer service department will serve 300 million users in 2019, with more than 800 million services. Assuming that a customer service representative handles 100 services a day, Tencent needs to invest 20000 customer service teams, which is one third of the total number of Tencent employees. Even if the salary of customer service is lower than that of Tencent employees on average, it is not practical to maintain a customer service team of more than 20000 people, which is purely service-oriented.

In fact, Tencent will have customer service docking for charging members (Weibo will also provide special customer service for distinguished members). If wechat also adds a member VIP to provide manual customer service for important customers who are full of members, you also have some unique member functions. Would you consider recharging it?

Or, more realistically, will wechat make any changes to this tragedy, for example, to provide emergency customer service for urgent users in the special case of abnormal login or seal number?

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