Wechat blocked man falls dead family: too stupid 150000 compensation not from Tencent

 Wechat blocked man falls dead family: too stupid 150000 compensation not from Tencent

Wechat has such a large audience of social software, but it is extremely difficult to find manual customer service. We should all have deep experience.

Now many softwares are connected with intelligent customer service and automatic reply, and can not contact the flexible and popular manual customer service. If there is a problem, they can only talk to the dummy customer service with the same cocks, fidgety and anxious.

Even Xie Na, a female star with 100 million followers, is helpless in the face of abnormal wechat login. She can only get help from wechat only by shouting on Weibo.

So criticized, why doesnt Tencent change this situation and establish a customer service team that can handle important needs?

Its very simple. Maybe Tencent cant afford a customer service team that can fully satisfy wechat.

In fact, wechat does not have its own separate customer service department, all customer service are unified in Tencents customer service department. In this suicide incident, the deceased went to a building address rented by Tencent user reception center.

Duck guess there is another point. Wechat itself is free software (although it has many ways to realize it), and the number of users, Mrs. and Mrs Big, to provide every user with answer every question customer service, such a cost even money such as Tencent is not willing to hit.

Or, more realistically, will wechat make any changes to this tragedy, for example, to provide emergency customer service for urgent users in the special case of abnormal login or seal number?

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