Xi Jinpings latest strategy to control Tibet

 Xi Jinpings latest strategy to control Tibet

In his speech, Xi Jinping fully affirmed the achievements made by Tibet in the sixth Tibet work forum since the Central Committee, analyzed the situation faced by Tibets work, and deployed and promoted Tibets work in the overall work of the party and the state. CCTV network LianBo + specially combs the main points of the speech, in order to provide for readers.

The partys general plan for managing Tibet in the new era is the fundamental principle for doing a good job in Tibet, which must be adhered to and fully implemented for a long time. To do a good job in Tibet:

We must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and the system of regional ethnic autonomy

We must take safeguarding the reunification of the motherland and strengthening national unity as the focus and focus of Tibets work

We must take improving peoples livelihood and uniting peoples hearts as the starting point and the foothold of economic and social development

It is necessary to promote exchanges and exchanges among different ethnic groups

We must adhere to the orientation of Chinese religion and manage religious affairs according to law

We must adhere to ecological protection first

We must strengthen party building, especially political construction

Building a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation

We should strengthen the education and guidance of the masses and extensively mobilize the masses to participate in the anti separatist struggle

We should carry out in-depth education on the history of the party, the history of new China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development, as well as the history of relations between Tibet and the motherland

We should attach importance to strengthening ideological and political education in schools

We should cultivate and practice the socialist core values

We should actively guide Tibetan Buddhism to adapt to the socialist society

Improve the quality of development

Focus on unbalanced and inadequate development

The breakthrough point is to optimize the development pattern

Supported by elements and facilities construction

u25cf overall planning, classified strategy implementation and accurate power generation

We should promote the construction of a number of major infrastructure and public service facilities around Sichuan Tibet railway construction and other projects

Promoting the construction of ecological civilization

Protecting the ecology of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the greatest contribution to the survival and development of the Chinese nation. In response, general secretary Xi Jinping put forward a clear request:

We should firmly establish the concept that green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, and build the Qinghai Tibet Plateau into a national and even international ecological civilization highland

We should improve the compensation methods, promote the combination of ecological protection and peoples livelihood improvement, better mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, and form a long-term virtuous cycle mechanism of building a good ecology and sharing a better life

It is necessary to promote the practice of strict management of the party and governance of the partyu2014u2014

We will comprehensively strengthen the construction of leading groups, cadres and talents at all levels and grassroots organizations

We should adhere to the idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era to arm the minds of Party members and cadres

We will increase efforts to build a clean and Honest Party style and fight corruption

Improve the ability of Party organizations, Party members and cadres at all levels to cope with major struggles and prevent major risks

Care for the cadres and workers in Tibet

We should take care of the cadres and workers in Tibet, improve and implement the supporting policies in terms of salary, housing, medical treatment, childrens enrollment and retirement resettlement, and solve their worries

We should attach importance to health care work, develop and promote new medical and health care equipment and technology suitable for high altitude areas, and constantly improve their health level

Two arrangements -- creating a new situation in the work of aiding Tibet

It is the consistent policy of the CPC Central Committee to support Tibet and the whole country to support Tibet. We must adhere to it for a long time, earnestly sum up experience, and create a new situation in the work of aiding Tibet. In this regard, general secretary Xi Jinping made a clear plan:

The party committees of Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai should attach great importance to Tibet related work, assume the main responsibility, and strengthen coordination and cooperation with the Tibet Autonomous Region

The central government will continue to increase support for Tibet related work in the four provinces, help Tibet related counties improve infrastructure, strengthen ecological protection, safeguard and improve peoples livelihood, and develop characteristic industries, so as to make people live a better life

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Xi Jinpings latest strategy for controlling Tibet (source: video synthesis)