Chinese women standing on the street in Paris: sometimes they fight hard, but they are still raped

 Chinese women standing on the street in Paris: sometimes they fight hard, but they are still raped

Except for the hilarious northeast star and the choking mother who cant speak,

They often have the ultimate dialogue of what do you see and what do you do?.

We have to start with the 1990s. At that time, there was a huge wave of laid-off workers in Northeast China. Many people were unemployed, most of them female workers.

In order to make money, many people are going to sneak abroad.

Lina in the movie going to the sea is one of them. After losing her job, a family of three can only squeeze into a small house of 50 square meters.

Some people said that it was easy to make money in France, even if she could earn more than 1000 euro a month as a nanny, so Lina came to Paris without hesitation.

At first, she could only work as a nanny in a Chinese family, with 500 euros a month. She was once detained by her employer for breaking a vase.

French consumption is high, so she can barely make ends meet every month, let alone send money home.

She quit her job in a fit of anger. She had no choice but to sleep on the road and rest in the ATM on the corner.

She thought of what her employer had said, bit her teeth and really went to sea.

After that, her daily work is to make up, go to the street, sell her body to strange men, because she cant speak French, she can only bargain with her hands every time.

Because she has no experience, she can only act on her own. It is common for her to be beaten when she encounters violent guests.

Feeling that she had lost her self-esteem, she hid in her companions arms and cried.

On the other hand, she has to remit money to her family again and again.

She never said how hard she had been. Instead, she told her husband that her employer was very kind and would give tips every holiday.

In order to make her husband believe that she is doing well, she went to the Eiffel Tower for a group photo.

Back home, the husband was very happy, he was very grateful for his wifes efforts, said the daughter-in-law hard.

But a few days later, the husband learned the truth from relatives.

Only then did he realize that all the things he owned in China were earned by his wife standing on the street.

He broke down completely.

My spine is pierced through!

The daughter-in-law has been sold abroad!

Lina is very desperate, she sold her body to earn money, only get humiliation.

Her family couldnt imagine how difficult it was for her to work in Paris. The only time she was happy was when several friends entertained themselves in the 20 square meter basement.

However, reality is more cruel than film! Many sex workers in Paris, mostly in their 40s and 50s, have little education but have children to support.

A young man named a Ying, aged 50, divorced her husband at home and took a son with him alone.

She has no education, can only work in the construction site, a few hundred yuan a month.

When she heard her friend say that there are jobs everywhere in France, she went to a travel agency and borrowed 120000 to Paris.

When I first came to Paris, I stayed in a five euro one night shop. There were more than 20 people in one room. There were men and women. Even safety was a problem, and sexual assault often occurred.

Because of the pressure, a Ying finally joined the ranks of street standing women.

These women are everywhere in the beautiful city of Paris.

People they didnt know, the local Chinese despised them, thought they were stupid and lazy, and would not introduce them to work.

If they go to the traditional red light district in France, the local indigenous sex workers will feel that their interests have been violated and they will be driven away by violence.

In order to save rent, they can only gather in chaotic communities, often in the basement.

These cabins were originally storage rooms. They had no lights and could only be illuminated by mobile phones.

Once you open the door, you can smell a strong pungent smell of semen, the floor is full of toilet paper, the single bed is also full of stains.

As soon as the deal is done, they bring the guests here, or find a secret place, sometimes even in the open air.

The quality of the guests they received was very poor. Most of them were black people and Arabs. Even in the face of violence, they had no way to report to the police even if they were beaten.

A few years ago, a 55 year old sex worker was stabbed more than a dozen times and died in the workplace.

Whats more, they dont know how to protect themselves. They dont even know whether to use condoms.

Some guests offer an extra 7-8 euros if they dont need condoms, and some women will agree because they need money, said the local medical staff

As long as they can make money, they can stay here all the time. The best ending for them is to get legal status. For this, they can marry drunkards and gamblers, but its not easy to find such people to marry.

Moreover, the Paris police will do a big sweep from time to time. If you are lucky, you will be released. If you are not lucky, you will be sent back to China.

They make money by standing on the street, sacrificing their body and dignity.

As the director of going to the sea said, every Chinese is eager for a bright future and is willing to give in and sacrifice in order to realize their dreams, especially women. They are wives and mothers, but they are not themselves.

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