Abe suddenly announced his resignation. The United States is not close at the critical moment

 Abe suddenly announced his resignation. The United States is not close at the critical moment

After 13 years, for the same reason and the same way of exit, is the reason really just as simple as health?

After that, Abe may not be able to interpret the same message.

On the day of Abes resignation, Britain, Germany, Russia and South Korea responded immediately.

Russian Kremlin spokesman: Putin has a very good working relationship with Abe;

British Prime Minister Johnson: Abe has achieved many great things for Japan and the world;

Spokesman for the South Korean Green House: Abe has made a lot of meaningful achievements.

Abe has received positive comments.

Its not just because he has been in office for 2803 days. The key is Abes diplomatic philosophy.

One word generalization is called reality.

Putin sighed: we agree with Prime Minister Abes adherence to the principle of resolving all controversial issues, even the most difficult ones, through negotiations and developing bilateral relations in areas of common concern.

Lu Yaodong, director of the Foreign Affairs Research Office of the Japanese Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told Tan

Japans former prime ministers paid more attention to the Japan US alliance, which is Japans diplomatic benchmark.

But Abe proposed overlooking the earth diplomacy. Apart from the US Japan alliance, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa have also developed in an all-round way.

Abe announced his resignation at 4:00 a.m. Washington time on the 28th. U.S. President trump has just formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination the night before, the last day of the Republican National Congress.

Then he gave an hour long speech on the lawn outside the White House. Japan is not mentioned.

He didnt think of Abe until 10:00 p.m. Washington time on the 28th and asked by a Reuters reporter.

I have great respect for Abe. He is a good friend of mine Im very upset about his situation.

Compared with good friends, there are more important things.

In contrast, in 2016, when trump became president, Abe was the first to call to congratulate him and the first of the worlds leaders to visit the United States.

Giving up face and self degradation will not bring about equal response.

The relationship between Japan and the United States is a relationship of US Masters and Japanese subordinates. If the United States wants to show such a position, it can not express sympathy so quickly.

To sum up, the so-called allies are putting on airs and coming late.

In contrast, other friends are more sincere.

Two kinds of mentality, how come?

Just one day after Abes resignation, Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono went to Guam to hold talks with US Defense Secretary esper.

One of the topics discussed by both sides is the land Aegis missile interception system to be deployed by the United States in two places in Japan, Akita Prefecture in the northeast and Yamaguchi in the southwest.

The first thing that makes Japan unhappy is money.

Japan will spend US $4 billion on two systems, from armament to training and maintenance.

Moreover, there are technical problems in the missile system. Once launched, the booster and other parts may fall into the residential area. If you want to avoid it, you have to add a huge amount of cost.

In addition, if the original plan is followed, Tokyo and Osaka, Japans most important cities, will not be protected at all. However, the United States territory of Hawaii and Guam are.

You have to pay yourself to be a bodyguard for others.

Japan quit.

First buy military aircraft, and then buy various supporting services.

By 2020, Japan has directly set two new records:

The annual budget of Japans defense ministry reached 5.3 trillion yen, the highest in history;

Japan may even need to use its supplementary budget to cope with major disasters or economic downturn to repay its loans.

Thats not enough. Last year, the United States suddenly demanded that Japan should bear 8 billion US dollars for the military expenditure of US troops stationed in Japan, which is four times the original amount.

So far, it has not been negotiated.

Yang BOJIANG, director of the Institute of Japanese studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, summed up the following:

The second half of the sentence is exactly the second reason why Japan is not willing to deploy the ABM system.

Japans security is basically dependent on the United States. MacArthur, the famous general of the United States, even directly said: Japan is the Western outpost of Chinas national defense..

But Japans most urgent task is not to be the unsinkable aircraft carrier of the United States, but to restore its economy.

In July, Japans Ministry of economy, industry and Industry released Japans GDP data for the second quarter of 2020, with an annualized growth rate of - 27.8%, the worst performance after World War II.

In terms of economic sanctions, the United States has no mercy on Japan.

At that time, the new president of the United States signed his first presidential decree: withdrawal from the TPP (trans Pacific Partnership Agreement).

You know, the agreement between the United States and Japan has been going from 2008 to 2015. At that time, the Japanese Minister of economy and finance, Gan liming, worked hard to negotiate, and even turned his black hair into white hair.

After painstaking efforts to reach a consensus, the United States, the largest economy in the TPP, exited after more than a year of operation.

In the second year of withdrawal, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso paid a special visit to Beijing

Considering the policy of the U.S. government, it is hoped that Japan and China will cooperate to deal with trade protectionism.

Japan has proposed on its own initiative, which means nothing more.

How close can such distant relatives have?

In fact, apart from being the longest serving prime minister in Japanese history, Abe has set another record.

Merkels praise of Abes commitment to multilateralism is not empty talk.

With this concept, Japan began to find friends all over the world.

In July 2017, the EU and Japan reached an agreement in principle on the economic partnership agreement. After the agreement comes into effect, 90% of the goods imported and exported by both sides will be exempted from tariff.

This move will make Japanese cars, electronics and other goods more competitive in the European market.

In February 2019, the agreement was formally implemented, and the worlds largest free trade zone was born.

Britain and Japan, which are flying alone, have also paid a lot of attention.

As early as the UK was still arguing about brexit, Abe called on Britain to welcome it to join the TPP after its brexit.

Just this month, the trade talks between Britain and Japan have made substantial progress. According to both sides, the free trade agreement between Japan and Britain will come into force at the end of this year.

In addition to yuanjiao, Abe has been actively approaching in the Asia Pacific region.

Just two days before Abes resignation, Japan, together with many other countries, participated in the RCEP (regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement) ministerial video conference, promising to make efforts to sign the agreement as scheduled within this year.

This agreement is related to regional integration in the Asia Pacific region.

Xiang Haoyu, an expert on Japan at the Asia Pacific Institute of the Chinese Academy of international studies, told Tan

Distant relatives are better than near neighbors, the fate of all countries in Northeast Asia is the same. Japan attaches great importance to the regional cooperation in Northeast Asia mainly through the cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea. After all, Northeast Asia is the place for Japan to settle down.

First, we have one positive attitude towards the one belt, one road initiative.

The one belt, one road initiative has provided new platforms and experimental fields for deepening Sino Japanese mutually beneficial cooperation.

One belt, one road one belt, one road, has been actively made public in recent years by Abe Shinzo. We look forward to the one belt and one road initiative to contribute to the prosperity and stability of the region and the world.

Opening the first sentence: everyone, happy new year.

On August 29, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also responded to the official resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

In recent years, China Japan relations have returned to the right track and achieved new development. Leaders of the two countries have reached an important consensus on promoting the construction of Sino Japanese relations that meet the requirements of the new era. We express our positive comments on Prime Minister Abes important efforts in this regard and wish him an early recovery.

On the one hand, there are more and more familiar neighbors and on the other are distant relatives who only want to collect wool.

For the sake of Japans development and prosperity, it is the general trend to have a good relationship with neighbors. In the face of such a situation, Abe may have no choice but to withdraw.

There is a detail, Tan Zhu is very impressed.

In November 2016, US President trump was elected. Japanese Prime Minister Abe went to New York for his first meeting.

Knowing that U.S. President trump likes to play golf, Japanese Prime Minister Abe bought a set of Japans most advanced clubs for him.

This club, used to maintain relations with the United States, is a Japanese brand, but it is made by a Chinese enterprise.

In the era of globalization, who can do without who?

How sick was Abes resignation