Australian media are also envious: you see, after the water party, China has another beer festival

 Australian media are also envious: you see, after the water party, China has another beer festival

ABC: in response to the new coronavirus, Chinas beer festival will turn its attention to economic recovery

Photo source: ABC

According to reports, many tourists specially went to Qingdao from other cities to participate in the event. I havent seen so many people for a long time, said Wang Suping, a tourist from a city in Southeast China to Qingdao. Only when people connect with each other can we feel happy.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported in Wuhan since the end of last year, Chinas government has been calling on people to wear masks and targeted blockade measures to cope with the outbreak. ABC said that from the current situation, Chinas strict and targeted measures have begun to take effect. This also reflects the gradual recovery of Chinas economy in response to the epidemic.

In response, ABC praised the holding of Qingdao International Beer Festival as a remarkable achievement, that is, although China has a population of more than 1 billion, it has almost controlled the new coronavirus.

By contrast, India, the only country with a population similar to China, added about 60000 confirmed cases on the highest day of August. In addition, ABC said that although the U.S. population is less than a quarter of Chinas and urban population density is low, the countrys newly diagnosed cases this month also reached about 40000. Even in Japan, where most people wear masks strictly, there were more than 1000 new cases a day for most of August, the report added.

Not only has China achieved relative success in preventing further large-scale infections, but it has been able to reopen more quickly economically, especially in factories and construction, which will make Australian exporters more dependent on the Chinese market, the report said. The report also mentioned that with the gradual relaxation of foreign tourism restrictions, Chinas domestic tourism economy will rebound with further prevention and control of the new epidemic.

Qingdao holds international beer festival was reported by Australian media, which also triggered netizens discussion on social media.

Although some people are sour, more foreign netizens are full of praise for Chinas epidemic prevention measures and envy the beer festival held in Qingdao. A kind of

Superb execution. Emphasis on speed. Extensive examinations, including those for asymptomatic patients. Rule abiding people. They had also held a party in Wuhan attended by thousands of young people without masks and keeping a distance. This is the rise of China, the decline of the West.

Qingdao held a beer festival for three weeks! (envious look)

Some people lament that China has held its own Beer Festival, but by contrast, the beer festival in Munich, Germany, is far away. A kind of

This is how to block and lock in and crush the next wave in advance (rather than flattening ). And then locally contain the emerging virus. In this way, China can already celebrate their beer festival, but it is impossible to hold a large-scale gathering in Munich.

Some American netizens, thinking of their countrys surging number of cases and unruly people, said, this is too bad! A kind of

However, the number of cases in the United States is surging again and again, entering the sixth month of blockade and isolation. This country has a bunch of stupid, selfish people who dont want to follow the rules.

Yes, the border restrictions between the United States and other countries are still very strict. Its too bad, and I can say that after knowing how the U.S. government is responding to the epidemic, more and more Americans can no longer tolerate living in their country. Maybe that can end after the November election.

It is reported that on the evening of August 16, the 17 day 30th Qingdao International Beer Festival came to a successful conclusion in the golden beach beer city of Qingdao West Coast new area. This years Beer Festival is the first to create a new mode of Online + offline to organize the festival. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, it has provided more than 1500 beer from more than 40 countries and regions, and held more than 200 economic, trade and cultural and sports activities.

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