What should I do if I am not reconciled to the fact that the mother of male ticket is forced to oppose us with death?

 What should I do if I am not reconciled to the fact that the mother of male ticket is forced to oppose us with death?

Beauty for help:

My ex boyfriend and I were colleagues from different regions, and we got together with my sister in the office.

I told him before that my family conditions, no parents, there is a fast college brother and grandparents.

At that time, he also said that he did not mind. His family was also an open-minded family, and he agreed to start.

Years ago, he was telling his parents about me, but his parents and sister were against it. He never told me.

During the Chinese new year, I only told me that my parents were against it. I was asking if I should insist. He said yes. He could solve the problem. Trust him. I chose to be with him.

We have always made an agreement that we cant meet for more than 10 days, because we havent met for 20 days due to the epidemic situation. Both of us are very anxious.

When he relaxed a little on the highway, he drove directly from his home to my home to pick up our little nest in Zhengzhou.

Because we were in the education industry and had not started school, we were completely isolated in a small room from the beginning of February to the beginning of April.

During this period, all kinds of running in did not want to separate. When we knew that the epidemic situation was a little relaxed, we discussed to take back the house we had bought and live in the nest that really belonged to me and the two of us.

I moved, renovated the house, bought furniture, all kinds of things by myself.

Because I feel that I will be together for a long time. I want to follow the opinions of two people, and everything is in the expected direction.

But in the office, my sister asked when you two would get married. He was silent. At that time, I directly said that his family didnt like me.

Maybe it hurt him. He called his family directly that night, but he still didnt agree. It was the kind of person who would commit suicide if he contacted again.

He cant go to seek his sisters advice. The next day, he went home directly to communicate face to face. I dont know what happened.

I dont know how to comfort, directly cry to get out of the car back to their dormitory, a night did not sleep, I know he is also.

I feel soft when I see his swollen eyes at his house, but I still have to clean them up.

At that time, I felt that I ran away quickly. I didnt dare to face it. After crying for a long time, I had to leave for work.

In this way, we decided to go home together on May Day for two days. We decided to buy whatever we wanted to buy.

On the 30th night, when he said hello to his family and wanted to take me back, his mother said that he would commit suicide if he dared to bring me back.

He said, forget it, dont go back, he wanted to give up, I was so unclear about the end, I was very reluctant.

Why didnt I see it? It would be such a result. At that time, no matter what I said, he was not willing to take me home.

In this way, he went back to his home on May 1st. When he came back on the 3rd, he came to give me other things left in his home.

I see that he has lost weight. He has lost nearly five Jin in the past few days. How much pressure should he be under.

He said that he could not do without his parents, and he wanted to get the love blessed by his parents.

I was entangled in all kinds of entanglement. At this time, he was very rational. He gave up. I could not cry or say anything.

But I cant give up. If I cant get over the moral barrier in my heart, I just want to convince him. I dont care about others.

He didnt want to pay attention to me. He let the dormitories take charge of me and dont contact him again.

I was dragged to the bar by dormitory people every day, drunk back to continue to go at night, so paralyzed myself.

My roommate thought I was OK and no longer constrained me, but I quietly took a taxi to his house to wait for him at night.

He frowned at me for the first time and felt that I was pestering me. He was worried that I would continue to take a taxi at night and leave me at his place.

He sleeps in the living room. He doesnt want to see me. He is impatient with me. I think I can put it down in this way.

After so many bad attitudes, who knows my mind is very deep, I cant persuade myself to give up.

During this period, as long as he talks to me, I will look back. I will think that he has given me hope. The frequency is once every two weeks, and each time it ends with his impatience.

Its been going on for four months, over and over again, what do I want to do, give me hope and let me down.

But I have expectations, expecting him to talk to me and eat with me.

The penultimate time I went to dinner with him, he told me that he might really start a new relationship, and he would not contact me any more. Let me have a good time later.

I was crying that night, and he would not hold me before.

He is not a mobile phone player. Anyone with a good eye can see that he is chatting with a girl.

I didnt say that. When I asked him if he was a girlfriend the next morning, he said it wasnt.


Girl, whether you meet a person or a ghost, no matter how much you love a person, dont live yourself into a forest.

When a man cries and tells you that he cant keep going, when he worries that you are not safe to stay in, but he sleeps on the sofa.

In fact, you can see that he loves you, but you can also see that he has made up his mind to choose to leave you.

You cant help contacting him and he cant help contacting you, which shows that you are reluctant to give up,

Therefore, I cant help but want to ease the depression and pain in my heart by listening to the voice of the other party or receiving a short message from the other party.

Maybe someone will understate and say that he doesnt dare to break through the constraints of his family, which shows that he doesnt love you enough.

I think his heart is also helpless and painful, especially when his parents object to the threat of suicide.

But it is undeniable that your feelings are that he failed you. After all, he swore that his family would not mind,

It was later that his family disagreed with him and said that he had the ability to solve the problem, so that you didnt have to worry about putting yourself into this relationship.

As for whether you are in love, or obsessive, or unwilling, I think there are all three.

You cant help but respond to his contact that its love,

Girl, through your description, I believe your boyfriend loves you.

But his heart did not have the confidence and courage to fight this love, especially to meet his parents.

Do you think that in the future, in the face of such a mother-in-law, this family can still have a happy sense of happiness?

The only way is for your boyfriend to break up with his parents and never get in touch with each other,

But according to your boyfriends character, I dont think he can.

And when he decides to try a new relationship instead of giving up on you,

It shows that his love for you has gradually been able to suppress himself, not to impulse to give you or give himself hope, can start to do self-control and keep a distance from you.

So, I know you have something in your heart that others cant understand.

However, the result of unwilling to retreat is to be trapped in a cocoon. The result of refusing to retreat is to become resentment. At most, it is difficult to get along with each other for the rest of their lives.

But your life is also a life, you really want to have only a few youth, still continue to spend in this period of basic can not go back to the feelings?

No more contact, no more peeping into his life.

In this state of mind can still calm down to read, that will not be unable to control the reluctant.

So, I think the best way is to get busy and get involved in the work.

If the current work is more leisure, then find a part-time job, and make money is the most can transfer miss things.

Make yourself busy to go home and fall asleep every day, and get together with friends and colleagues to relax,

But believe me, as long as you stick to the first step, no longer contact, no longer let yourself cheap, everything will be OK.