High alert! Yanji CDC releases news!

 High alert! Yanji CDC releases news!

The symptoms of novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia are very similar to influenza, and all of them are fever and other systemic symptoms. This not only brings inconvenience to personal life, but also causes the waste of social resources, which brings troubles to the diagnosis and treatment of new crown pneumonia. Therefore, novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control period, prevention of influenza is very necessary. Influenza vaccination and novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine (23 valent pneumococcal vaccine), (23 valent pneumonia vaccine can be protected for 5 years), these 2 vaccines can effectively prevent a series of respiratory diseases and complications caused by influenza virus and various pneumococcus. The combined vaccination of two vaccines can reduce the hospitalization rate by more than 80%, and can greatly reduce the number of people who come to the doctor during the epidemic period because of suspected new crown pneumonia symptoms. To avoid cross infection. Vaccination of influenza vaccine and pneumonia vaccine can effectively protect the health of high-risk groups such as the elderly, children, students, teachers, public security officers, staff of government institutions, taxi drivers, medical staff, shopping malls and supermarket salesmen. In the notice of Chinas medium and long-term plan for the prevention and control of chronic diseases (2017-2025), the cost-effectiveness of vaccination for patients with chronic diseases and high-risk groups is encouraged Better pneumonia, influenza and other vaccines to keep you away from the pain of the disease.

For the health of you and your family, please widely publicize and recommend timely vaccination of influenza vaccine and 23 valent pneumococcal vaccine (both vaccines can be vaccinated at the same time)

All vaccination clinics and township health centers in our city have prepared vaccines for you and abide by relevant prevention and control regulations. If you have any questions, please consult the outpatient department of the jurisdiction during working hours. The name and telephone number of vaccination consultation unit are as follows:

Telephone number: 2509151

New community health service center

Tel: 2619012

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Tel: 2768007

Henan Community Health Service Center

Tel: 2810454

Telephone number: 5008070

Jinxue Community Health Service Center

Tel: 2913249

Yilan Town Health Center

Tel: 13321447397

Xiaoying Town Health Center

Tel: 8151077

Chaoyang Chuanzhen health center

Tel: 3590249

Tel: 2598 167