Take wedding photos in the middle of the road to make sure you are safe

 Take wedding photos in the middle of the road to make sure you are safe

Its revealed that someone is taking wedding photos in the middle of the road near the Forbidden City?

In recent years, wedding photos with China Wind elements are popular with more and more new people. Besides the China style wedding dress with strong traditional charm, the form of expression is also a necessity for the ancient architecture as the viewfinding. Because the magnificent architectural style has a kind of atmospheric visual perception, such as the the Imperial Palace, known as the cream and model of Chinese ancient architecture, has become a hot spot. Where the door was shot.

However, because it is not allowed to shoot inside the Palace Museum, many people turn their eyes to the nearby Taimiao, which is similar to the Palace Museum in style and scenery, and has a special area for taking wedding photos.

In addition, beichizi street and Jingshan front street, which are close to the Forbidden City and the Taimiao temple, have also become the wedding dress shooting sites for online red. Recently, there have been media reports that some people even shuttle in the middle of the road for some shooting effect.

According to the video screen, a large number of couples wearing wedding dresses are pouring in every day in the online red wedding dress shooting places such as beichizi street and Jingshan front street. But immersed in happiness, they seem to forget the passing vehicles and their own safety. The newlyweds kept looking at the passing vehicles, and finally walked to the middle of the road under the guidance of the photographer, and took pictures while walking along the traffic lines drawn on the road.

Netizens commented, this kind of shooting as if no one else is too worrying.

At about 5:00 p.m. on August 28, during the reporters observation time of 10 minutes, three couples of new people came out from the east gate of the Taimiao temple to finish filming. They drove to the next shooting site without stopping.

According to the security personnel at the gate of the Taimiao temple, many couples enter the temple to take wedding photos, and beichizi street and the corner tower of the Forbidden City are also popular places. And many responsible for the surrounding cleaning staff said that every day will see more than a dozen couples in wedding photos.

From 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., during the visit from Jingshan Qianjie street to Nanchizi street, the reporter found that there were 10 new couples shooting around. Among them, 2 pairs chose the Bank of the Gongzi River in the Palace Museum, and 5 pairs took pictures on the sidewalk of beichizi street. No one was found shooting in the middle of the road.

At that time, there were not few vehicles and pedestrians on the surrounding roads. Both the traffic police maintained the traffic, and the patrol officers continued to patrol the road. Roadside cleaners said that although seen many new people to shoot, but recently did not notice whether there is shooting in the road.

At the corner of the intersection of Jingshan front street and beichizi street, the sunlight sprinkles on the red wall with Chinese ancient charm through the gap of trees. The bride stands in such a light effect, just a touch of golden sunlight falls on the skirt, which is not only in the camera lens of the photographer, but also in the mobile phone picture taken by passers-by.

Practitioners have been doing street photography on the road

Mr. Ma, who is engaged in commercial photography, told reporters that in recent years, influenced by the upsurge of ancient customs, many photography companies prefer to put outdoor photography places in antique places such as the Forbidden City and the temple. The ideal presentation effect is also the key to attract many new people. Many people like it, and the natural light belongs to the anterograde light. The sun at four or five oclock in the afternoon and the shelter of leaves can produce a warmer color, which makes peoples face more beautiful.

Xiao Tao, a staff member of a studio who was in charge of shooting on the scene, also introduced that as a typical representative of the cultural landscape in the outdoor shooting of wedding photos, the Palace Museum and the surrounding turrets, hutongs and drum towers have always been popular. Considering the opening hours of the temple, according to the process of wedding photography, new people usually choose to complete the main shooting in the temple first, and then transfer to the temple Take photos beside the outer wall of the building near the moat.

Under normal circumstances, only one location will be selected. For example, the Taimiao temple can be selected, and the nearby landscape can be selected for street photography. Xiao Tao explained that the so-called street shooting is shooting on the road.

From the reference photos provided, we can see that many scenes taken in the street are selected in the zebra crossing, the middle of the highway and even on the highway.

When asked about safety, he said that street photography is more natural, and vehicles and passers-by will not be lost in the later period. If you want to take pictures, you can check the road conditions in advance and find a place.

Xiao Li, a citizen, thinks that when he sees the effect of the film, his first reaction is that he thinks its very good-looking, and he also wants to have a try. There will be a fluke mentality in terms of safety, because everyone is shooting, and there seems to be no accident. Besides, there are so many people in the shooting team protecting the scene.

According to the recent reports, it is common for reporters to shoot news on the road where vehicles are driving, which has aroused concern because of its danger. And the traffic police department has repeatedly reminded this kind of behavior is both dangerous and illegal.

On the Chinese Valentines day, near the exit of Ningbo directional airport on g1523 Yongguan expressway, a car stopped in the emergency lane with double flashing lights. On the roof of the car, a woman in wedding dress was posing in various positions. A man held up a camera and even ran to the second lane regardless of safety. More than ten minutes later, they still did not mean to stop.

According to the traffic police investigation, the driver of the car, Lin, was a photographer. On the way to Dongtou to take wedding photos with his wife, he thought that the scenery on the highway section was good, so he stopped to take photos. Finally, Lin was fined 200 yuan, 6 points.

In April, a photography studio in Xian, Shaanxi Province, took wedding photos on the highway around the mountain. A couple of men and women lying in the middle of the road posing were reported by netizens.

After investigation and verification, the police immediately came to interview the person in charge of the studio, the other side said that at that time, they did not think of possible security risks. After the police informed them of the mistakes, they ordered them to rectify them. The other side sincerely accepted the criticism and wrote a letter of commitment, which clearly indicated that they would restrict the staff and ensure that safety should be considered first in future work.

At present, the local traffic police department has strengthened patrol control on the net red U-shaped highway of G315 national highway, and set up warning signs in scenic spots and illegal places.

Intern Jiang Minyu Li SHIMENG

Beijing News reporter Song Xia

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