WiFi master key advertising content? Response: No, mostly the title party

 WiFi master key advertising content? Response: No, mostly the title party

In this regard, on August 28, Shanghai Lianshang Network Technology Co., Ltd., the company of the app, responded that it would push some advertisements and videos on the platform, but most of them were headline party and there would not be any induced content. Our content and advertisement are reviewed. If users think that some content causes discomfort, they can click X to close the recommendation.

The title and pictures in the advertisement are complained of vulgar pornography by users

Lefeng told the surging news that his son often plays with his mobile phone, one of which is WiFi master key with some small games, which is often used by his son. One time when I watched him play, I found that some of the recommended advertisements and videos on this app page were unhealthy, such as photos of enchanting bikini girls and miniskirt beauties. The supporting articles were also very explicit, such as videos I watched by myself, download them secretly and little videos of beauties, which are being broadcast live.

Lefeng said that he would skip or click to delete this kind of advertisement, but children often use the small games in the software, and their discrimination ability is relatively poor. If they see the content with sexual induction and inadvertently click into it, it may affect the growth of children. He believes that the software, as a functional software, uses more users, including some minors. He hopes that the platform can improve in terms of advertising and content review, and do not use vulgar content such as beauty and sexy to induce click ads.

After downloading the software, surging journalists found that in addition to the main function of WiFi, the software also has information, video, entertainment, small games and other columns. On the main page, advertisements often appear, with the titles of HD beauty video and cant sleep at night?? Click this, and you cant stop when you see it. The picture is a female picture. Some of the clothes are more exposed. Click to jump to another app download interface. In other ads, 16 female avatars pop up after clicking, with view people nearby displayed in the middle, and click find people nearby, that is, jump to the page to download the new app.

In the WiFi master key Baidu Post Bar, many users also reported that the new version of WiFi master key advertising recommendation increased, and some ads cant bear to look directly. From the user feedback of the pictures, most of the headlines are dont worry, suggest a person to watch slowly, beautiful short film as advertising words.

In response to the above situation, on August 28, the surging news reporter contacted Shanghai Lianshang Network Technology Co., Ltd., the software development company. A staff member of the companys Public Relations Department responded that the platform strictly abides by the relevant national laws and regulations to carry out the advertising content audit. Some content titles are indeed inappropriate, but most of them are headline party, which actually does not exist The content of sexual induction.

However, he said that in the future, the platform will continue to sort out and improve the existing advertising review process, improve the identification and screening capabilities of the third-party content suspected of headline party, and strive to provide users with more high-quality content.

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