Late in the night of 1997, the actress Lin Xiaolou was kidnapped and saved two lives in the mountain, but one life was destroyed

 Late in the night of 1997, the actress Lin Xiaolou was kidnapped and saved two lives in the mountain, but one life was destroyed

That year, she was only 13 years old, with this film, she won the 17th Golden Horse Award for best drama child star.

Lin Xiaolou became a famous actress in Taiwan and started her acting career.

She had a mother who was addicted to gambling. Seeing the huge profits brought by Lin Xiaolous fame, she regarded her as a cash cow.

Later, her mother no longer allowed her to continue to school, but gave her a lot of play dates.

Lin Xiaolou grew up in the production team, and all the pay was given to his mother.

She is like an abandoned child, and her communication with her mother is only when she is paid.

Only when she asked for money would she think of Lin Xiaolou.

In 1986, Lin Xiaolou acted as the male host of new peach taro, which deceived countless audiences.

Even mentioning Lin Xiaolou, you will think of Tao taro. Later, her acting career was limited, and she acted in almost all kinds of film and television dramas.

At that time, Lin Xiaolou was the most popular actor.

However, fame not only brings her fame and wealth, but also makes her be targeted by malicious gangsters.

She did not expect that she would meet a gangster and destroy her life.

In 1997, at more than 10 oclock at night on April 14, 1997, Lin Xiaolou discussed the script with the screenwriter.

Just got out of the car to leave, but was suddenly broken out of the three gangsters, together with the screenwriter.

She and the screenwriter were taken to the mountain by three strange men and robbed all the valuable things from her.

At that time, she thought that the three gangsters were just robbing money.

Lin Xiaolou was relieved and thought that if he got the money, the gangster would let them go.

But no one thought that they had a sophisticated plan to separate her from the writer.

Later, on the program, Lin Xiaolou said that at that time, her own knot was a little loose, and she had a chance to escape by herself.

So she went back to the mountain with the gangsters.

She thought that after getting the money, the gangster would let her and the writer leave.

Lin Xiaolou repeatedly promised that he would not call the police, but found it useless. They had lost their humanity.

She was assaulted in turn, but the gangster did not intend to let her go.

Lin Xiaolou and the screenwriter were forced to take countless photos that could not be included. They were just to threaten her with these photos and ask her for money.

Later, the gangster left Lin Xiaolou and the screenwriter, who had been tortured.

Lin Xiaolous life was almost destroyed and her mental state collapsed several times.

However, in order to make the news conference, it will be even more propaganda for the producers.

Lin Xiaolou collapsed completely. She could no longer face the camera and wanted to die for a time.

That night became the nightmare of her life, and to this day, she is still suffering from nightmares.

Clearly she is the victim, but the torture and questioning are all borne by her, which is really unfair.

Now she, occasionally guest star for a supporting role, more often, in the enjoyment of life.

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