When meeting better people, should I leave the present who cant see the future but love me?

 When meeting better people, should I leave the present who cant see the future but love me?

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And were still in a long-distance relationship, and sometimes we dont see each other twice a year.

Most of all, I belong to the invisible existence in him. He cant take me to his family or introduce me to his friends.

Recently, I met a boy who was a few years older than me and was better than my boyfriend in all aspects.

Then, he said that he had a good feeling for me and often talked to me, and I cant deny that I have a good feeling for him.

So now Im in a dilemma.

Its hard to decide whether to go on with someone who actually loves me, or choose to be with someone who is better for me.


If youve been a college student for four years,

Emotional separation and separation do not say, but even identity can not see light.

One is that he has already understood that his parents will not agree with you,

Second, you are not in the future plan at all.

When I was a student, I was afraid that my parents would not agree with puppy love,

But at a certain age, what is the future of this relationship?

You are always passive,

Its waiting for the day when you cant stand to leave,

Or its a gamble waiting for him.

But to clarify one point is that you are tired and do not love you, or are you in love?

Dont love, stop loss in time, cut the mess, leave this section of no confidence feelings.

If you still love and want to fight for it, have a good talk with him,

Your inner feelings, concerns and expectations of the relationship.

Lets see what reaction he has made and whether he has taken corresponding measures and attitude to give you confidence.

When we meet boys, we should avoid playing,

It may be that you think that he is much better than your boyfriend,

Moreover, its just the people we just met. Everyone will show their best.

You can understand as a friend, but its better not to rush to ambiguity.

In the end, even if you really know this person and think its worth your love,

We should also deal with the relationship with the present,

In the end, it will only make them think that you are not a person who is content with your duty,

Especially for this new boy, a wrong decision and start,

It often leads to whether he really cares about you next.

A right person also needs to start at the right, at least the right time.

In order to better integrate into each other and build stronger trust.