What do you like to eat in your life

 What do you like to eat in your life

During the Spring Festival this year, several of his sons and daughters came back to chat with old man Lin. the old man Lin was smiling. Suddenly, his neck was crooked and his breath was gone. He never woke up again.

The shroud had been ready for a long time. The second and the third quickly came and put them on old man Lin with tears in their eyes. Then, according to the rules of the countryside, the children put the body of old man Lin in the middle of the main room, and then they pulled on the kerchief, wrote the elegy couplet, hung the portrait, and pasted the word Dien. Soon, the funeral hall was decorated with solemnity and solemnity.

Next, according to the local custom, several sons and daughters will burn upside down paper for old man Lin, which means to burn some money for him on the road, so that he can go on the road carefree and free from suffering. But if you want to burn this upside down paper, you must first make a favorite meal for old man Lin, so that he can eat fully, dress warmly, and put on a lot of money, and then he will walk on the road of death with vigor and vitality.

The eldest brother asked the second: what kind of food did my father like to eat most? This question, but the second to ask, he faltered and said: my fathers favorite food, I usually did not pay attention to ah, you ask the third! The third blushed: I I didnt notice...

Everyone looked at her sister and thought that she would often cook for her father. She must know that, but she broke her skull and couldnt remember. She also faltered and said, my father always ate the rest of us before he was alive, and ate all the food. I I dont know.

The eldest brother saw this and said with tears again: dont cry now. We have to find a way to serve the favorite food of my father. My father must be very hungry!

The third aunt of Dongcun may know that she and my father were husband and wife for a period of time

Several brothers and sisters together, but also, that year, after mother died, father in order to take good care of their young, he invited the three aunts home to wash and cook for them. However, some of their unreasonable children refused to recognize the third aunt. They dont eat the rice cooked by the three aunts, and they dont wear the clothes they wash. They also scold the third aunt as a demon and have no good intentions to try to divide the property of their family. No way, the three aunts had to return to the East Village with tears in their eyes. Later, I heard that the three aunts also sent some delicious food to old man Lin from time to time, and often secretly dated him!

It should not be too late. The most important thing now is to go to Dongcun and ask aunt San. Therefore, the eldest brother ordered the second and the third to drive their own cars to the house of three aunts in Dongcun.

The news of old man Lins death soon spread all over the village. The villagers were so surprised and hurt that they came to the courtyard of old man Lins house with a bunch of sticks, wreaths and paper money.

According to local customs, people who come to mourn must wait for the dead to have their last meal and take the paper money on the huangquan road before they come to mourn. However, old man Lin has been walking for several hours and hasnt got a bite of his favorite food. So, everything is said in the yard. Some say: the potatoes, peanuts, tomatoes and beans planted by Lao Lin were fed to the dog. Its really chilling that the children dont even know what kind of food his father likes best before he is born.

The eldest brother looked at the crowd who came to mourn in the courtyard, listened to their scolding, and anxiously waited for the results of the second and the third. Soon, the second and third came back dejectedly. They said helplessly that the third aunt had died a year ago. What kind of food did my father like to eat most? This simple question baffled some of their elders who did big things. I cant let my father eat a little and go on the road. When my brothers and sisters think of this, they cry again.

With a stick on his head, Lao Zhang went to the spirit of old man Lin, wiped his tears, and said to the four brothers and sisters kneeling: todays problem, I cant explain it.

The sound of sadness and joy, four children cry out

Author: Ren Da