In this symposium, Xi Jinping fully explained the partys strategy of governing Tibet in the new era.

 In this symposium, Xi Jinping fully explained the partys strategy of governing Tibet in the new era.

Strategic thought: Governing the country must be done while maintaining stability at the same time

In March 9, 2013, when he was participating in the deliberations of the Tibet delegation, Xi Jinping stressed that Tibet should ensure that the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects should be achieved with the whole country by 2020.

The Potala Palace in Lhasa

February 24 this year is the Tibetan New Year. According to traditional customs, Tibetan people hang new colorful Sutra flags on the roof to pray for a bumper harvest and good luck in the new year.

High attention comes from its importance. When he participated in the deliberations of the Tibet delegation 7 years ago, Xi Jinping stressed: Tibet is an important national security barrier and an ecological security barrier in China, playing an important role in the overall strategic situation of the party and the country. In order to govern the country, we must govern the border areas, and we must first stabilize and hide them.

It is not only one of the six Musts of the partys strategy of governing Tibet five years ago, but also one of the 10 Musts of the partys strategy of governing Tibet in the new era.

The construction personnel rechecked the power supply lines erected above the Lhasa Linzhi section of the Sichuan Tibet railway. Lalin railway is the first electrified railway in Tibet, with a total length of 435.48 km.

Focus and focus:

At the Sixth Central Tibet work forum five years ago, Xi Jinping pointed out that the focus and focal point of Tibets work must be placed in safeguarding the motherlands unification and strengthening national unity. At this years forum, the general secretary stressed once again that Tibets work must focus on safeguarding the reunification of the motherland and strengthening national unity. This requirement has also been listed as one of the 10 Musts of the partys strategy for the governance of Tibet in the new era.

In 2015, at the 50th anniversary celebration conference of the establishment of the Tibet autonomous region, about 3000000 children from all ethnic groups in Tibet received Xi Jinpings inscription, strengthening the national unity and building a beautiful Tibet plaque.

In this years speech, Xi Jinping stressed the need to carry out in-depth education in five fields: history of the party, new China, reform and opening up, history of socialist development, and the history of relations between Tibet and the motherland. He asked that the seeds of love for China should be buried in the heart of every teenager. Patriotism education is of great importance.

National unity also matters to the overall situation. In his speech, the general secretary pointed out that it is necessary to excavate, sort out and publicize the historical facts of the exchanges and exchanges among various ethnic groups in Tibet since ancient times, and guide the masses of all ethnic groups to see the trend and future of the nation.

Starting point and ending point: improving peoples livelihood and uniting peoples hearts

During the period of the 14th five year plan, China will enter a new stage of development, which is a major judgment made by the Party Central Committee. What will Tibet do in the new stage of development? The general secretary stressed that the improvement of peoples livelihood and cohesion of peoples minds must be taken as the starting point and foothold of economic and social development.

Despite the fact that Tibet has been absolutely unbalanced for a thousand years, the fundamental problem of poverty eradication is still one of the most serious problems. More efforts should be made to support the general secretary of the hospital and more opportunities should be given to the general secretary of the hospital in the following aspects: more efforts should be made to help the general secretary to get rid of the shortage of talents, and more efforts should be made to help the general secretary to get rid of the shortage of talents

Children in counties like Tibet receive education in the second primary school aided by Ningbo.

At the meeting, the general secretary called for full coverage of transportation facilities, medical treatment, and social security, which are closely related to daily life. When it comes to the worries of the cadres in the border areas, we should take care of the worries of the cadres in the future and solve their worries in the future.

A power supply company in Xiangyang, Hubei Province helped the staff to repair the photovoltaic power generation equipment to meet the power demand of local farmers and growers.

The greatest contribution: protecting the ecology of Qinghai Tibet Plateau

The National Nature Reserve of Lalu wetland is located in the northern suburb of Lhasa. The main protected object is alpine wetland ecosystem, which is known as the lung of Lhasa.

Three years ago, when Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the second comprehensive scientific expedition on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in August 2017, he said he hoped that the scientific research would focus on solving the problems of carrying capacity, disaster risk and green development of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, making new contributions to the protection of the last square of the world and the construction of the beautiful Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

At the Seventh Central Work Forum held in Tibet, Xi Jinping stressed that protecting the Qinghai Tibet Plateau ecosystem is the greatest contribution to the survival and development of the Chinese nation. We should adhere to the attitude of being responsible for history, the people and the world, protect the life, vegetation and mountains of the plateau, and build the Qinghai Tibet Plateau into a national and even international ecological civilization highland.

The peak of gangrenbo in the sunset means Snow Mountain baby.

The New Era Connotation of old Tibet spirit

To do a good job in Tibet, we must strengthen party building, especially political construction. At the meeting, Xi Jinping stressed the importance of ensuring that Party organizations and Party members and cadres at all levels became strong political forces that led all ethnic groups to cope with the challenges of storms, overcome difficulties and challenges and serve the people wholeheartedly.

A detachment of the second mobile corps of the armed police force in Tibet recently welcomed more than 20 cadets of growing cadres. This is the students pledge to join the party.

Tibet is not only a geographical highland, but also a spiritual highland. Xi Jinping has repeatedly praised the lofty spirit that originated here. In August 2014, he made important instructions on the 60th anniversary of the completion and opening of the Sichuan Tibet Qinghai Tibet highway, demanding that the spirit of the two roads be further carried forward: one is not afraid of hardship, the other is not afraid of death; the other is tenacious and hard-working; he is willing to be a road stone; the army and the people are one family; and the nation is united.

The Qinghai Tibet highway

In 2015, the general secretary said at the sixth Tibet work forum of the Central Committee that for a long time, generations of Communist Party members have abandoned what ordinary people have and what ordinary people enjoy. They have rooted in the snow covered plateau and are determined to work hard. The broad masses of Party members and cadres should carry forward the fine tradition and constantly inject new era connotation into the old Tibet spirit.

At this years forum, Xi Jinping mentioned old Tibet spirit: cadres, especially Tibet cadres, should carry forward the spirit of old Tibet.

Comrade Kong Fansen (middle) helped Tibet twice before his death. Unfortunately, he died in his duty on the way to Xinjiang in November 1994. He once said that the highest level of love for a Communist is to love the people.. In 2018, comrade Kong Fansen was awarded the reform pioneer medal.

Next year, China will enter the 14th Five Year Plan period, and Tibet will usher in the 70th anniversary of peaceful liberation. Under the guidance of the partys general plan for governing Tibet in the new era, the Tibetan people will start a new journey together with the people of the whole country.

The train of Qinghai Tibet railway runs at the foot of Nianqing Tanggula Mountain.