One family, one policy in malkang city to promote poverty alleviation

 One family, one policy in malkang city to promote poverty alleviation

Xiong Dejun, a villager of Danbo village in malkang City: I used to live there first. Then the mud rock flow came down and destroyed my house. I moved to the other side of the river. However, the traffic on the other side of the river was not convenient and the income was not very good. I was always poor.

In 2015, the Statistics Bureau of Sichuan Province and Chongzhou city of Sichuan Province began to provide targeted assistance and counterpart support to Danbo village. In 2017, all the poor households in Danbo village were lifted out of poverty and removed their hats. However, village cadres found it difficult to stabilize the income of marginal households after poverty alleviation.

Jiang Xiaobo, first Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of statistics in Danbo Village: since poverty alleviation, we have invested a lot of money in infrastructure construction of villages and provided many posts in roads, bridges, water conservancy, electricity and other aspects. In the case of Xiong Dejuns family, they can find employment opportunities at home. With the gradual saturation of infrastructure construction, this part of the opportunity is gradually shrinking. We think the villagers wealth and income have to return to the category of industry.

Xiong Dejun, a villager in Danbo village, malkang City, Sichuan Province: generally, its casual to earn 1000 yuan a barrel (box). The future of beekeeping is relatively big. Anyway, my plan is how to develop it.