One family, one policy in malkang city to promote poverty alleviation

 One family, one policy in malkang city to promote poverty alleviation

Danbo village, where Xiong Dejun lives, is located in Danbo village, Songgang town, malkang City, with an average altitude of more than 2700 meters. It is one of the 29 poverty-stricken villages in markang city with deep mountains and ditches and inconvenient transportation. Affected by natural conditions, it is difficult to improve the income of villagers, and Xiong Dejuns family has been wandering on the edge of the poverty line.

Xiong Dejun, a villager of Danbo village in malkang City: I used to live there first. Then the mud rock flow came down and destroyed my house. I moved to the other side of the river. However, the traffic on the other side of the river was not convenient and the income was not very good. I was always poor.

In 2015, the Statistics Bureau of Sichuan Province and Chongzhou city of Sichuan Province began to provide targeted assistance and counterpart support to Danbo village. In 2017, all the poor households in Danbo village were lifted out of poverty and removed their hats. However, village cadres found it difficult to stabilize the income of marginal households after poverty alleviation.

After many investigations, Danbo village has determined to develop beekeeping industry. In order to let Xiong Dejun seize the opportunity, the working team in the village provided him with bee breeding, and the technical experts also provided on-site guidance every week. In just one year, his familys beehive has developed from 7 to 22.

Xiong Dejun, a villager in Danbo village, malkang City, Sichuan Province: generally, its casual to earn 1000 yuan a barrel (box). The future of beekeeping is relatively big. Anyway, my plan is how to develop it.

With the promotion of the local government, support forces and the two village committees, the characteristic industries of Danbo village, such as bee breeding and Tibetan Pig breeding, have begun to take shape, basically realizing that each villager has a characteristic industry as the support. In addition, with the income from land circulation and employment, the per capita income of Danbo village residents will reach 13053 yuan in 2019.