Chen Xiaoyun: dont hurt my friend

 Chen Xiaoyun: dont hurt my friend

Although Chen Xiaoyun later issued a paper to clarify that wearing green clothes was the masters saying that he lacked wood in his life, and that he used green bow and arrow because green was his own color of support, the rumors about the reason for breaking up still failed to stop.

During this period of time after the official Xuan split up, some netizens disclosed that Yu Xiaotong had posted the same style with Lu Zhaodai, Chen Xiaoyuns best friend. He felt that there was a ghost between them. Some netizens said that he felt that Chen Xiaoyun had been green before the competition. There are also careful netizens to read Chen Xiaojin and LV Zhaos microblog, and found that both of them sent photos at the same time on August 16, the same day after taking part in the competition. If you click on a recent comment by LV Zhao, you will find that the gourd eaters have arrived at the scene and begin to point at her, but LV Zhao did not reply.

Now Chen Xiaoyuns original master refutes rumors online, and the rumors about their love affairs being interfered by their girlfriends are broken. I believe that Lu Zhao, Chen Xiaoyuns best friend, is also very moved. There are friends who are willing to clarify the facts. I hope the rumor makers will not have another story.

Chen Xiaoyun refutes rumors and LV Zhao gets involved in this article source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395

Chen Xiaoyun refutes rumors and Lu Zhao intervenes