Travel Romance: I fell in love with that man for a short time.

 Travel Romance: I fell in love with that man for a short time.

Going to Tibet is not a walk away trip.

Before the age of 30, I had no physical problems, but I felt that I had not enough experience. I knew that I could not mix the beauty of nature into the joys and sorrows of my soul. Therefore, the journey was just a passing experience.

So wait until youre old?

Ive been to Shangri La, and Ive driven across the Sichuan Tibet line. I know that when people are old, their physical conditions are not enough to support high altitude reaction, and they will be very affected.

So, when youre 30 years old, when youre in a good position both physically and physically.

I knew that traveling in Tibet would be a bit bitter, and I was prepared for it, but I didnt expect it to be so hard.

During the eight day trip, I only go to one place every day, but I have to travel about 7 hours every day. To overcome the suffering of altitude hypoxia, you have to endure a long and boring wait, and then you can get a glimpse of the beauty and fantasy of nature by luck.

(waiting for sunset in yangzhuoyongcuo)

But if you ask me if I regret it?

The answer is firm: never.

In recent years, I have been to many places. I have seen the sea, crossed the sand dunes, got used to the citys light and wine, and enjoyed the scenery of mountains, rivers and lakes. However, there is no place like Tibet that makes me feel so quiet and pure that I forget everything in an instant. I only regard myself as a ephemeral fly in heaven and earth. It is enough to have come, see and remember.

As for success or failure, at this moment, it is no longer important.

The first person in Tibet who let me exclaim wow and then lost my aphasia in a flash was Nyingchi. Many people know that this place is because of peach blossom, and I am no exception. I saw a documentary a long time ago and fell in love with the peach blossom everywhere.

(Linzhi in April, the picture was taken by the driver)

Later, because three lives, three generations and ten li peach blossom was set in Nyingchi, it became more like a fairyland in the hearts of the world. I had planned to come here in April when the peach blossom was in full bloom, but because of various reasons, I did not make the trip, so I chose the time at the end of August.

In August, Nyingchi has no peach blossom, but it is still as beautiful as a dream.

At 7:30 in the morning, I was driving along the mountain road. I saw a river in the forest. So I couldnt help asking the driver who had lived here for many years: what river is this?

The master laughed and said, look again..

When I had fixed my eyes and looked carefully, I knew that it was not a river, but clouds and mists stretching across the mountains and forests. For a moment, all six of us were in a daze, and our car seemed to have become a boat, driving on the boundless river.

I used to always make complaints about the time of the drama of the sage drama, and think that the people in the play live for thousands of years, and it is too exaggerated. But when I was in the clouds of Nyingchi, I knew that time was frozen here.

As the car drove up, the clouds became higher and the snow mountain began to appear. Master said, dont worry. Well see fate later to see if we can see nanjabawa, which is called fairy peak by the local people.

The local people told us that even in a sunny day, she could only see her whole picture in a short time. It was too early, the thick fog couldnt disperse, and nothing could be seen at all. Later, after 9 oclock, the clouds would just reach the peak, blocking her and still could not be seen.

At first, I thought it was too exaggerated. When I arrived at the Yarlung Zangbo River at noon to find a better angle to see her, I found that the clouds were just right to block her waist to cover her.

This is what I believe the guide said. In Tibet, the most important thing to travel is fate.

He Tian, He Shan, and temples, and lakes, and people, and the starry sky, are fate.

I wrote on a postcard sent to close friends by Potala Palace - everything is wonderful here, and there is a feeling of crossing time everywhere. The same person, different time, see and feel different scenery, the same time, different people, also arrive at different places.

Nyingchi is like this, and Namtso is even more so.

The day the car drove to Namco, all the people were looking forward to a sunny day.

Because a sunny day means blue sky, white clouds and blue lakes, it also means the Milky way and starry sky.

There is no place more like a secret place than Namtso.

When we drove into this place where the mountains, grasslands and lakes crisscrossed each other, I felt that my whole heart was already floating and I didnt know where to go.

The sky here is even bluer than expected, and the clouds are extremely three-dimensional, like embroidered in the sky, and have a sense of hierarchy with the blue sky. Unlike the citys sky and cloud, they are always mixed together, constantly cutting and sorting, and right and wrong are so intertwined with gray space.

The clouds and the sky, people and things here are all one, two are two. Everything is intuitive and pure, even primitive. There is no need to guess or speculate.

Climbing to the 4700 meters above sea level, I saw the famous holy elephant Tianmen, standing there quietly blowing the wind, feeling the sun, wantonly falling in love with Baiyun, a heart soft like a lake, just want to contain.

Because you know, this time you leave, you may not see the same scenery next time.

But who cares?

No matter how hard it is, standing outside the tent at night and embracing the people you love to see the stars all over the sky at night, you can also withstand it. The first star of Namtso appeared at 9:30 p.m., and then it was scattered, one or two, until two in the morning, occupying the whole night.

I saw it when I was a child, and I never forget the big dipper and galaxy when I grew up. All of them have come back here.

You ask me what it felt like in that moment.

Thats enough. Thats enough for a short time.

Just for a short time, we can let those men and women who are addicted to worldly life and have long forgotten their love to return to the urban jungle for another ten or eight years.

Perhaps, the meaning of travel is just like this, to the exhausted soul, return a blood. Enough back, we can better understand the good life.

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