Just bought the car for 5 months, 4S shop: repair the car and compensate 10000 yuan

 Just bought the car for 5 months, 4S shop: repair the car and compensate 10000 yuan

After a heavy rain on August 12, I opened the door to see that there was water under the drivers seat and behind the drivers seat... The SAIC Volkswagen Langyi pure electric vehicle was purchased by Beijing Wantong Hongli Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. in Daxing District on March 17, and has only been used for five months, Ms. Wang said

Ms. Wang said that at first she didnt think much about it. She thought it was raining heavily outside and the water was seeping through the crack of the door. However, two days later, I found that even though it was only raining, the floor mats under the cab were still wet. She and her lover, Mr. Yang, searched carefully and found that the water leakage was dripping near the hinge at the lower left door of the cab. The couple contacted the 4S store for maintenance.

Watermark in sponge mat of skylight

The maintenance man took apart the sponge pad near the skylight and found that the sponge around the drain pipe had a yellow watermark, which was still wet inside. The fault detection report shows that the vehicle fault is water leakage at the left drainage pipe interface of the sunroof, which causes water in the vehicle. It is not caused by human factors, but belongs to the quality problem of vehicle sunroof drainage pipe.

This may be due to the frequent rain recently. The drainage pipe joint has been washed away by the rain water, and the rain water flows along the vehicle pipeline to the car A-pillar and leaks out. The company is responsible for after-sales service director Sun said.

When the car was sent to the 4S store, there was still water on the floor mats

Director Sun explained that according to the Three Guarantees method, the water in the car was not within the scope of the return and replacement of the car, and could only be repaired, and Ms. Wang was given compensation for transportation expenses and 3000 yuan in cash or equivalent items. In this regard, Ms. Wang does not agree, she thinks the car belongs to bubble car, if sold again, the price will be reduced. Because of this, the two sides were not very happy and entered the police station twice. Under the coordination of the police, the two sides reached a preliminary consensus: considering that Ms. Wangs car is a new car, the 4S shop will appropriately increase the compensation amount while repairing the car.

On August 28, Ms. Wang retrieved the repaired car from the 4S store and received 10000 yuan of compensation.

Director Sun pointed out that there is a lot of rain in summer. If the vehicles are stored in the open air, the rainwater will carry dust and sediment into the drainage pipe, which may cause blockage of the drainage pipe and further cause rain leakage inside the vehicle. Attention should be paid to regular maintenance of vehicles and timely cleaning of drainage pipes.