Cut off the poor roots and greet the well-off society with a smile

 Cut off the poor roots and greet the well-off society with a smile

Guangming Daily reporter Zhang leiga madoji

Different from the traditional Tibetan village name transliteration habits, the name of gongkang village comes from thanks to the Communist Party and running for a well-off society at the same time. It takes nearly three hours to drive eastward from Shannan city in Tibet to gongkang village, lengda Township, Jiacha County, with an average altitude of 3269 meters.

The villagers of the mutual aid group of gongkang village prepare feed for the winter livestock. Photo by Guo hongsong, reporter of Guangming Daily

Gongkang village is a new village built for the relocation of poverty alleviation. It is composed of 1296 poor people from 369 households in Jiacha County, qusong County, Longzi county and cuomei county. All of them were moved in July 2018. At present, the project covers an area of 708 Mu and the total investment is about 210 million yuan.

Walking into gongkang village, the houses are orderly, the courtyard is clean and beautiful, and solar street lamps stand on both sides of the spacious road. Villagers sorang CIREN told reporters that gongkang village has complete infrastructure facilities, children can go to kindergarten in the village, villagers have health centers when they are sick, and supermarkets, teahouses and restaurants are also in the village. In the past, we had to go to the county to buy things, but now we can buy daily necessities without going out of the village. All this benefits from the good policies of the party.

If we move the poor nest, we must cut off the root of poverty. According to the goal of moving out, being able to live stably and becoming rich, the local Party committee and government promote the follow-up development of gongkang village with high quality through the new path of mass mutual assistance + collective economy. With the support of counties, townships and villages, gongkang Village Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established. The company has five mutual aid groups, which are ecological breeding mutual aid group, fruit forest planting and marketing mutual aid group, agricultural and livestock products processing and sales mutual aid group, labor export mutual aid group and agricultural machinery promotion mutual aid group. All 574 labor forces of the village are arranged in each mutual aid group, realizing a platform for everyone Have something to do and have income.

The medical staff of gongkang village health center provided infusion treatment for villagers. Photo by Guo hongsong, reporter of Guangming Daily

According to Bian baziren, the first Secretary of gongkang village, in 2017, all the poverty-stricken people in the village were lifted out of poverty; in 2018, the per capita income of the whole village reached 7016 yuan, and the incidence of poverty dropped to zero; in 2019, the per capita income of the whole village increased from 5647.57 yuan in 2017 to 11039 yuan, and was rated as the national rural governance demonstration village.

Now, all the villagers of gongkang village have participated in the medical insurance. The villagers children enjoy the Three Guarantees policy of subsidies for the children of farmers and herdsmen at the stage of compulsory education and senior high school. The college students in the village fully enjoy the subsidy policy for college students in the Autonomous Region. The enrollment rate of school-age children in the village reaches 100%. In just a few years, relying on the partys good policies, gongkang village and village peoples hard-working hands to create a happy new life.

Goodbye, poverty! Gongkang village is striding forward on the road of well-off.

Guangming Daily (10 pages, August 30, 2020)