Gathering momentum first, breaking through the waves, elite 2.0 era opens a new chapter in the cultivation of expert know your business Talents

 Gathering momentum first, breaking through the waves, elite 2.0 era opens a new chapter in the cultivation of expert know your business Talents

Group photo of player Xi Cun

At the award ceremony, Cai Yinghua, President of Huaweis China government and enterprise business, said that from 2013 to 2020, Huaweis ecological partner elite competition had been held for eight consecutive years, from the initial big competition to the 1.0 stage of the elite competition in pursuit of the essence of talents. This year, Huawei released the image of knowing the industry for the first time in Chinas government and enterprise business, and began to focus on training internal and external experts who are familiar with the digital transformation of the industry and pursue the expertise of talents. Thus, the elite competition officially entered the 2.0 stage, focusing on the excavation and selection of internal and external industry experts who understand the scene.

Cai Yinghua pointed out that the elite competition has greatly improved the scene practice ability of the contestants through the innovative setting of understanding the scene, speaking the scene and so on. Although the competition has been completed, ICT technology innovation and talent training has no end. Knowing the bank and understanding the ecology, Huaweis Chinese government and enterprise business will continue to invest firmly in the field of talent ecology, and become the black land of ICT talents, so as to accumulate more people who understand the digital transformation of thousands of lines and industries.

Cai Yinghua, President of Huaweis China government and enterprise business

Yang Wenchi, vice president of Chinese government enterprise business, head of ecological cooperation business department and President of Huawei ecological University

In the face of the new user demand and market environment, Huaweis ecological partner elite competition is becoming a new stage for the new generation of ICT industry experts to show their talents; meanwhile, Huawei and Huawei ecological university are also actively innovating, exploring new ideas and new methods for ecological development and win-win. In this process, Huawei not only defined a brand-new L4 advanced solution expert certification, but also explained how to improve the pre-sales and service capabilities of its partners under the know the bank strategy. L4 senior solution expert certification is positioned as the top-level design consultant and architecture designer of digital transformation. In his post, he / she plays the roles of consultant, architect and industry solution sales. He / she needs to have more than 8 years of experience and be able to insight into industry opportunities, understand customer needs and expand the space for participation.

In the future, Huawei will continue to identify, select and aggregate talents. Through the release of advanced solution certification (L4), Huawei will create an elite circle of solution talents, so that high-end talents can obtain the latest knowledge, information and capabilities from Huawei in a timely manner, realize value through joint innovation and business cooperation, and then establish the brand and industry influence of elite talents, and finally jointly enable them Digital transformation of the industry.

He Dabing, vice president of China government enterprise business and director of Solution Sales Department of Huawei

In the field of government enterprise service, Li Tongguang, vice president of Huaweis China government and enterprise business and head of delivery and service department, said that the importance of government and enterprise customers on service capability is increasing year by year, and continuous service ability has become one of the key factors for customers to choose long-term partners. This means that the model of service key roles and their capabilities in digital transformation projects has been greatly different from that of traditional ICT projects. Users need more service people who know the industry, and the whole ecology also needs to build the service ability of knowing the bank. To this end, Huawei has launched a brand-new partnership capability enhancement shelf in the Service College of eco University, and has provided three new capability supports for the improvement of partner service capability and the creation of high-quality and consistent services, namely, the professional certification and industrial ICT certification for individuals, the professional competence and industry knowledge empowerment for the service system, and the new enabling form including video In this way, Huawei will better enable its partners and co build capabilities, and cultivate more service providers who know the industry well.

Elite Yaoxi village, striving to be knowledgeable peers

After more than one months online and offline competitions, more than 100 people won awards in the solutions elite, service elite, local and municipal sales elites, business elites, Huawei cloud elites and other competitions, while 62 partners from all over the country won awards in the company competition. The conference also set up outstanding anti epidemic Partner Award, outstanding anti epidemic Partner Award, ten years ecological value award and other awards. At the award ceremony, guests from Huaweis China government and enterprise business and Huawei ecological university took the stage to present awards and certificates to the winners and the company.

First prize winner of individual competition

Winner of the first prize of the company competition

Excellent anti epidemic Partner Award and outstanding anti epidemic Partner Award

Ten year ecological value award winning company

Group photo of contestants

Huawei eco partner elite 2020 sets sail for innovation of know your business

Competition innovation: selecting talents, gathering energy and improving ability

Talent selector: integrate L4 certification assessment into 13 industry tracks of pre-sales link; focus on industry micro scene in the competition of sales projects; add two major projects of industry operation and maintenance and industry solution service at the service level, focusing on the traction and training of industry service experts, and cultivating the ability of company partners.

Gather energy: add hybrid cloud track and Kunpeng / shengteng events to replace learning with competition, and help partners improve their understanding of new ICT technologies and trends.

Raising ability: in the pre-sale analogical spelling, add a question taking defense item to investigate the participants flexible adaptability in different business scenarios; increase the actual combat simulation of municipal small orders in the sales analogy spelling; and increase the investigation on the business general knowledge ability of the contestants by expanding the scope of topic selection in the business field.

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Competition system innovation: establishing new rules, opening new systems and supporting new players

New rules: the finals of key track will be more open and transparent, and the contestants demeanor will be displayed through the whole process of follow-up shooting and live broadcast of the final. In the evaluation mode, the on-site judges and online public judges are jointly selected. At the same time, we will shoot promotional short videos for all the players and companies who have reached the final, so as to increase the exposure and sense of gain of the players and the company.

Open a new system: all preliminaries will be changed into scattered online examinations to reduce the pressure on players and companies and simplify the competition system.

Facing the future, Huawei will share the knowledge system, technical ability and talent training mode accumulated over the years, encourage experts with experts, let partners drive partners, and build a digital talent training platform with ecological members, so as to become the bond and soil for the healthy development of ICT talent ecology. In the next five years, Huawei hopes to take elite 2.0 as a new starting point to create a customized team of expert digital talents, so as to lay a solid foundation for the prosperity of ICT industry and the success of digital transformation. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

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