Drake showan, the chief suspect in the US kneeling black case, wants to dismiss the murder charge

 Drake showan, the chief suspect in the US kneeling black case, wants to dismiss the murder charge

According to the US Capitol Hill reported on the 29th, Xiao Wans lawyer wrote in a court document filed on the 28th: this motion is based on the files and records of this case, Minnesota statutes, Minnesota criminal procedure rules, the United States Constitution and Minnesota constitution, and other views that will be submitted to the court later.

According to USA Today reported on the 29th, Xiao Wans lawyer attributed Freuds death to drug abuse. Mr. Freud had previously suffered from heart disease and his death was most likely due to the use of fentanyl and methamphetamine, the document said

In addition, his lawyer also argued that Xiao Wan did not know Freuds overdose before he adopted restraint including throat locking to help himself and his colleagues and prevent Freud from harming them. Therefore, the lawyer held that Drake showan did not cause the death of George Freud.

However, the Capitol Hill reported that on the same day, Minnesota prosecutors filed a written document saying they would seek more severe sentences against the four police officers involved in Freuds death. The prosecution said in the document that Freud was very vulnerable when he was subdued and was treated particularly cruelly.

Xiao Wan was previously charged with second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. According to the US sentencing reference, both second-degree murder and third-degree murder can be presumed to be sentenced to 12.5 years imprisonment according to the US sentencing reference, but the judge can sentence the suspect who has committed the relevant crime to a maximum of 15 years imprisonment without violating the sentencing reference. The second level negligent homicide is generally sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment, with a maximum of 4.75 years. At present, the trial surrounding Freuds case is continuing, the report said.

On May 25, local time, white police officer Drake showan arrested a black man, Floyd, with his knees for nearly nine minutes, during which he repeatedly said I cant breathe and then died. The incident triggered protests and demonstrations against racial discrimination across the United States, and ignited anger against racial discrimination around the world.