After officially announcing his resignation, Shinzo Abe plans to hold telephone talks with trump on the 31st

 After officially announcing his resignation, Shinzo Abe plans to hold telephone talks with trump on the 31st

According to the report, Abe intends to say in the telephone meeting between the Japanese and American leaders that the importance of the Japan US alliance will remain unchanged after the new regime takes office, and seeks understanding on strengthening the relations between the two countries. In view of Japans abandonment of the land-based Aegis system for its land-based missile interception system, he may explain the discussion on the new missile defense system.

Kyodo news agency said that the day after Abe indicated his intention to resign, the LDP had begun to show a post Abe trend aimed at becoming a successor. Among the candidates, Shi bomao, former Secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and Mr. Ishida, President of the administrative investigation, etc. showed positive attitudes towards the election for the president of the LDP; foreign minister Mao mu minchong and former general affairs minister Yoko Noda planned to see clearly the situation in the party; the trend of Chief Secretary Kan Yiwei was also concerned. The election of the president of the LDP will be promoted on September 15.

According to the report analysis, the candidates should judge whether they can run for election as soon as next Monday. On the morning of the 29th, Acting Secretary General of the CPC, ponmei Inada, in the Yomiuri TV program, indicated her intention to explore the election of the president of the LDP. Kyodo news agency said that in order to become a candidate for the LDP presidential election, it needs 20 recommenders. For each candidate, ensuring 20 people will be the first threshold.

At 5:00 p.m. local time on August 28, Shinzo Abe held a press conference, saying that due to the recurrence of ulcerative colitis, he could not make a correct political judgment and decided to resign as prime minister. He said that since the middle of last month, he felt exhausted and abnormal. On the decision to resign, Abe said it was like heartbreaking pain for him.

As for Abes announcement of resignation, trump responded to the matter on air force one on the evening of 28th local time. I want to pay my highest respect to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe... (he is) my good friend, and I feel very sorry for that, he said Trump also said Abe loved his country and said he would talk to Abe.

Since Trump came to power, Abe has been showing the outside world a gesture of intimacy. It is worth mentioning that in 2016, when trump was just elected and before he was officially elected president of the United States, Abe went to the trump building in New York to meet with him, thus becoming the first foreign leader trump met.

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Trumps reaction to Abes announcement of his resignation is interesting

Yesterday, after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that he would resign as Prime Minister due to illness, many leaders and governments expressed concern about his situation. For example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Russias Kremlin.

How late? Lets see how Abe treats trump first.

(the screenshot shows the scene of Abes visit to trump at that time reported by American media)

The BBC also said at the time that Abe was the first national leader in the world to visit trump after he won the election.

In the following years, Abe also actively maintained good relations with trump, even trump, who pursued trade protectionism policy, sometimes criticized the economic and trade relations between Japan and the United States.

For example, when Abe visited the United States in May 2019, trump mercilessly and publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the trade deficit between the United States and Japan, and asked Japan to change this situation and invest more in the United States.

But Abe later posted a close picture of him playing golf with trump on his social account, in which both of them were laughing happily. Abe also said in the photo post that he and trump will make the Japan US alliance closer.

(the picture shows Trumps dissatisfaction with the trade deficit between the United States and Japan)

In addition, even after Abe announced that he would resign due to illness, former national security adviser Bolton of trump wrote a special article in the Washington Post, praising Abes contribution to the trump authorities: on the one hand, he did not make trade issues with the United States stiff like other US allies, but kept playing down these conflicts, and on the other hand, he tied them Trump has constantly demonstrated and expounded Chinas threat to the Indian Pacific region with practical actions, and insisted on the elimination of nuclear weapons by North Korea, so that Trumps understanding of China and North Korea is not completely divorced from reality.

However, such a national leader who was the first to establish friendly relations with trump and carefully maintained such relations, a Japanese prime minister who was also recognized and praised by the representatives of American hawks, announced his resignation due to illness at 4:00 p.m. Beijing time on August 28, Beijing time, until the noon of August 29, Beijing time, after governments around the world had expressed sympathy to Abe Only when trump arrived late.

It was not until about 10:00 Beijing time on the 29th that trump expressed his great respect for Abe and felt uneasy about his situation and said that he would call him after a long time of advocating his ruling achievements on Twitter and calling on Americans to vote for him.

But his late statement is far from Abes visit to him when he was not officially in the White House. It also shows that although trump calls Abe his great friend, he cares more about his election this year than Abe.

(Reuters reports that trump is finally concerned about Abes situation)

Finally, it is worth mentioning that just after Abe announced that he would resign due to illness, some western media reporters posted a funny story about the relationship between trump and Abe in a book about the inside of the White House written by former national security adviser Bolton of trump.

Bolton described the funny story as saying that in his view, the world leader with the best personal relationship with trump is Abe. Bolton also said that trump was interested in Abes father, who served in Japans kamikaze secret service during World War II, and often mentioned it to show the strength of the Japanese, especially Abe.

He didnt seem to realize that if Abes father did commit that suicide attack, there would be no Abe (born in 1954), he quipped.

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Go to the toilet 30 times a day, what disease is Abes ulcerative colitis? (source: original)

Abe announced his resignation: his second resignation is due to his increasingly serious condition

On August 28 local time, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a press conference at the prime ministers residence, announcing his official resignation as Prime Minister of Japan. Abe said that in June this year, his old ulcerative colitis relapsed, in order to avoid personal health impact on the prime ministers work, decided to resign as prime minister. Abe also stressed that he would continue to perform his duties until the election of a new prime minister. Finally, Abe expressed his thanks to the Japanese people.

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