Building a new advantage of international cooperation and competition with a high level of opening-up -- on learning and implementing general secretary Xi Jinpings important speech at the expert forum on economic and social fields

 Building a new advantage of international cooperation and competition with a high level of opening-up -- on learning and implementing general secretary Xi Jinpings important speech at the expert forum on economic and social fields

At present, the international community has many concerns about the prospect of economic globalization. In recent years, the economic globalization has been confronted with the reverse trend, the economic and trade friction has intensified, and protectionism and unilateralism have prevailed in some countries. However, in the long run, the interests of all countries are highly integrated, mankind is a community of shared destiny, economic globalization is still a historical trend, and countries division of labor and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation are the long-term trends. We should stand on the right side of history. The more we face the adverse current of economic globalization, the more we must hold high the banner of building a community of shared future for mankind, unswervingly safeguard and lead economic globalization, and promote the construction of an open world economy.

Today, the internal conditions and external environment of Chinas development are undergoing profound and complex changes. Looking inward, Chinas major social contradictions have undergone historic changes, and the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development is still prominent. We are facing difficulties and challenges brought about by structural, institutional and cyclical problems. Looking outward, the world has entered a period of turbulence and change. The international environment has become increasingly complex, and the instability and uncertainty have increased significantly. The more severe and complex the situation is, the more it is necessary to maintain strategic determination, enhance the awareness of opportunity and risk, be brave in opening up to the outside world, be good at turning crises into opportunities, and create new advantages in international cooperation and competition by opening to the outside world at a high level. We should unswervingly expand the opening up to the outside world, improve the level of opening up in an all-round way, build a new economic system with a higher level of openness, and form new advantages in international cooperation and competition. We should adhere to multilateralism and democratization of international relations, actively participate in the reform of the global economic governance system, and promote the improvement of a more equitable and reasonable international economic governance system.

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech that at present, we should pay attention to two points in the process of opening to the outside world: first, all countries, regions and enterprises willing to cooperate with us, including states, localities and enterprises in the United States, should actively cooperate to form an all directional, multi-level and multidimensional open cooperation pattern. Second, the more open we are, the more we need to pay attention to security, the more we need to coordinate development and security, and strive to enhance our own competitiveness, open regulatory capacity, and risk prevention and control ability, so as to build a strong body. This requires us not only to plan for development with an open, cooperative and win-win mind, so as to better connect the domestic market and the international market, make better use of the two markets and resources at home and abroad, so as to achieve more robust and sustainable development, but also firmly establish the concept of safety development, accelerate the improvement of the security development system and mechanism, make up for the relevant shortcomings, and maintain the safety of the industrial chain and supply chain We will do a good job in preventing and resolving major risks.

If we do not reject the crowd, we will be the river and sea. Chinas development cannot be separated from the world, and the prosperity of the world also needs China. Grasping the general situation at home and abroad, coordinating the two overall situations, pursuing the opening-up strategy of mutual benefit and win-win results, promoting high-level opening-up with more positive and promising actions, and developing a higher-level open economy, we will certainly be able to win the initiative of economic development and international competition with the initiative of opening to the outside world, create new development advantages and open up a new realm of development.