Do you understand the free trade zone? The industry here is closely related to you and me

 Do you understand the free trade zone? The industry here is closely related to you and me

In the supporting project, China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. Tianjin Xifei company will complete the system assembly of A320 front and rear fuselage sections in Tianjin, and then hand over to Airbus Tianjin General Assembly Line for aircraft assembly. In the future, the final assembly capacity of 6 aircraft per month will be achieved. Such localized supporting projects also make Tianjin aviation industry chain more perfect.

Lifting of large aircraft parts in Tianjin Port

No one day tour, customers come as soon as they say it

If the aircraft assembly shows the strength of a citys manufacturing industry, then the aviation maintenance industry represents an emerging field with higher industrial chain and value chain. The operation, regular inspection and maintenance of such sophisticated aircraft machinery are essential. Within three kilometers of the general assembly line of Airbus Asia, Goodrich Aviation Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is just in the factory for maintenance of the aircraft engine of a well-known domestic cargo airline.

This is a Boeing 757 aircraft. After using the reaction thruster for a long time, it needs regular maintenance. Just like the car we drive to the 4S shop for maintenance, Goodrich is the 4S shop of the aircraft. We are repairing the engine fairing with 16 layers of composite materials. Goodrich Aviation Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Jie said.

At the other end of the maintenance line, staff are installing and debugging a new autoclave, which can make the composite materials quickly qualitative and have strength, toughness and durability under high temperature and high pressure. The novel coronavirus pneumonia earlier this year has had a great impact on the global aviation industry. Goodrich helped to regenerate and regenerate the airport with the help of the airport authority, which has led to the shift of many maintenance businesses to Tianjin.

At present, a number of high-end inspection and maintenance enterprises, such as Bombardier, Goodrich, AVIC CITIC helicopter maintenance, Haite, general electric and Lufthansa, have gathered in the airport area of Tianjin Free Trade Zone, becoming an important high-end maintenance and inspection base in the Asia Pacific region.

On the north side of the apron of Tianjin Binhai International Airport, in the two hangars of Tianjin Haite Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd., five aircrafts are undergoing overhaul and refitting at the same time. There are not many workers on site. Except for the roar of aircraft taking off and landing from time to time on the runway not far away, the whole site is in good order and busy without disorder.

Maintenance workshop of Haite Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd

Tianjin Haite was established in 2009 and officially opened in 2014. It has maintained and delivered more than 350 aircrafts for more than 20 customers at home and abroad. Among them, the last two years are the explosive growth period of the companys business.

First, with the completion of the new Beijing airport and the increase of international business of Tianjin airport, the demand for maintenance of international airliners in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei has been increasing. We built a second hangar in 2018, and the maintenance capacity has been improved. Second, we have benefited from the favorable policies of the free trade zone. Chen jiancong, general manager of Tianjin Haite Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd., said with a smile.

The so-called policy dividend refers to the ten measures for airport area to support and encourage aviation bonded maintenance and remanufacturing issued by Tianjin Free Trade Zone in June last year.

Among them, the most beneficial thing for Haite is: international customers, such as the aircraft of foreign airlines, once they break down in China, they dont need to leave the country for one-day tour . They only need to make formal declaration to the customs, and then they can fly over for duty-free maintenance.

After the implementation of the ten items policy, customers can come as they speak, and Haites international orders have doubled.

Only do import and export in form, not only save the time of machine adjustment and customs clearance, but also save a lot of costs for customers and maintenance enterprises.

From the customers point of view, the cost of adjustment can be saved. From the point of view of Haite, we dont need to pay any more deposit or letter of guarantee. For example, in terms of letter of guarantee, a single aircraft can directly save about 130000 interest expenses. In addition to other handling charges, an aircraft can save a total of 240000 or 50000 yuan, effectively reducing the cost of undertaking overseas maintenance business of the company.

Favorable policies allow enterprises to expand more new international business and accelerate their willingness to invest.

At present, the bonded maintenance industry in the airport area has expanded from aviation manufacturing, that is, bonded maintenance of aircraft, to engineering machinery, ships, sea and air equipment, etc. Wang Dawei, deputy director of the Tianjin Airport Area Bureau of Tianjin Free Trade Zone, said.

From buying rent, what has changed?

On April 19, a Boeing 747 cargo plane landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Changlong airlines and Zhaoyin Leasing Co leased imported leap-1a spare engine officially entered the country. While unloading, transferring and warehousing the engine at Shanghai airport, Tianjin Dongjiang customs began to accept the procedures of the engines entry, leasing trade tax declaration, etc. in only one day, all the procedures were completed, and the engine went straight to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, where Changlong Airlines is located.

Gao Yingzhan, Secretary of the Party committee of Changlong aviation, lamented that the lease solved the shortage of aviation materials for the enterprise with the lowest cost and the fastest speed: due to the influence of the epidemic situation, some overseas aviation materials are still relatively tense. In the past, the engine had to go through a lot of procedures and links. This one-stop arrival in Hangzhou ensures that our flights can fly normally and the transportation cost is greatly reduced.

Behind the rapid development of airlines, the joint operation of Tianjin pilot Free Trade Zone Management Committee, Dongjiang District, customs, foreign exchange administration and other departments, as well as the breakthrough in the innovation of aircraft engine remote supervision mode, Tian Yuan, deputy head of the new trade supervision section of Dongjiang customs, explained the whole process: according to the traditional supervision mode, this plane engine must be transported from Shanghai In the special supervision area of our eastern Xinjiang customs, after the actual goods are supervised by the customs, they can be transported to Hangzhou, where they are actually used. We have realized the actual supervision of the goods through the contact and cooperation between the customs and the whole information chain. Basically, we need to release the goods in seconds.

According to the data, in 2019, the newly increased leasing assets in Dongjiang area of Tianjin Free Trade Zone exceeded US $10 billion, with a total of 1593 aircraft leasing businesses, 116 engines, 174 international shipping ships and 21 offshore oil drilling platforms. The leasing assets of aircraft, ships and marine equipment amounted to about 92.756 billion US dollars, and the business scale continued to maintain a leading edge. In the first half of 2020, the leasing business of 35 aircraft, 14 engines, 24 international ships and 9 offshore platforms will be completed, and Dongjiang area will remain the second largest aircraft leasing center in the world.

The continuous institutional innovation and the continuous exploration of new leasing objects and new business models have kept Dongjiang in the leading position in the field of financial leasing, and the new model has been gradually replicated and popularized throughout the country.

What does it have to do with the common people when it seems to be so big to rent an airplane?

The development of financial leasing industry is an epitome of institutional innovation in Tianjin free trade zone. In the past five years, from the first bonded leasing business in China to the second largest aircraft leasing cluster in the world in eastern Xinjiang, the subject matter of leasing has expanded from aircraft to ships, marine platforms and aeroengines, which is the support of strong innovation and service ability.

Shen Lei, director of the Management Committee of Dongjiang District of Tianjin pilot Free Trade Zone, said: we strive to make all-round and three-dimensional reforms in investment, trade, shipping, finance and the release of management services, but also from point to area. In the future, our goal is to transform into a world-class port and a free trade port, and strive to explore new paths and accumulate new experiences for deepening reform and opening-up in the whole country.

Cross border e-commerce: buy the world and sell the world

Every year, e-commerce competes in two periods, 6.18 and double 11, but this years 6.18 is somewhat different. Under the epidemic situation, it is a great test for domestic and overseas industrial chain and supply chain. However, Tianjin has handed over a brilliant report card. According to statistics, from June 1 to June 18, Tianjin completed 2.5216 million cross-border e-commerce import orders, up 2.06% year-on-year, and the import sales volume was 459 million yuan, up 12.77% year-on-year. Cosmetics, health care products and imported milk powder ranked the top three in the sales volume of commodity categories, and the category of washing and protection ranked in the top five for the first time. At the beginning of the epidemic, the most obvious increase came from epidemic prevention materials, and the rapid growth of hand sanitizer, thermometer and imported food. Cui Junjie, general manager of Koala Haigou Tianjin warehouse, told reporters, at the beginning of the epidemic, the sales volume increased sharply, and the supply could be guaranteed only by the mode of bonded goods preparation. The mode of bonded goods preparation is to transport overseas goods to the warehouse in the special supervision area of Tianjin Customs in advance. After sale on the e-commerce platform, the goods are distributed from Tianjin warehouse to the surrounding provinces and cities. Only in this way can the goods be received in three places within 24 hours after the order is placed in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Cross border e-commerce warehouse

However, the real test for e-commerce enterprises also began to appear after the epidemic. Many people work at home, and their desire for consumption and shopping is also declining, which has obviously affected the sales of clothing, sunglasses, bags and other categories. Therefore, the cross-border e-commerce enterprise cool bar global shopping in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone has moved the live broadcasting room into its bonded warehouse located in the Port Free Trade Zone, and recommends imported goods to consumers through live broadcast. In Japan, South Korea, Europe and Australia, the anchor came directly to the shelf, and the number of people watching the first live broadcast instantly reached several thousand. Li health, general manager of cool bar global shopping, pointed to the background system and explained: consumers will place orders while watching the live broadcast. The cross-border supply chain system with good background connection in the live broadcasting room will push these orders to the customs in time for three orders to meet customs clearance. At the same time, the system will push to warehousing, express delivery and other links for packaging and distribution. The whole online shopping process adopts system automation Yes The automatic operation of the whole process not only saves manpower but also improves efficiency. The Customs has also changed from providing paper documents to electronic data transmission for cross-border e-commerce, and the customs clearance time has been greatly reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours, which also ensures the fast delivery of goods.

With the upgrading of peoples consumption, more and more cosmetics, red wine and imported snacks of Haitao have been sold all over the world through cross-border e-commerce export. Cloud power (Tianjin) e-commerce Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in furniture and home furnishings, fitness equipment, tire and auto parts and other products of its own brand, which is exported to Europe and America through cross-border e-commerce. Under the epidemic situation, the sales of these products in foreign e-commerce platforms have soared. Wang Xiaowei, general manager of cloud power (Tianjin) e-commerce Co., Ltd., said that with the overseas warehouse mode, enterprises have taken the lead: we have been doing stock up ahead of time. Even if our New York warehouse is closed and there are five warehouses in the United States, we are still delivering goods. We are here to help European and American suppliers solve supply chain problems.

Moreover, on July 1, this year, the General Administration of Customs launched a pilot project of cross-border e-commerce B2B export supervision in 10 customs directly under the General Administration of customs, of which Tianjin free trade zone is one of them. Compared with traditional export goods, the pilot set up 9710 and 9810 regulatory codes for cross-border e-commerce B2B export goods. Export enterprises enjoy priority in inspection and further improve the efficiency of customs clearance. Wang Jianran, general manager of jinmaotong Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd., told reporters that it took only 10 seconds for enterprises to declare the first order, and customs clearance was completed within two minutes. This export pilot project has also solved the problem that the return of cross-border e-commerce enterprises was difficult to drink in the past, and the profit capital returned to China when they were sold abroad, which further improved the profitability of foreign trade enterprises. Chen Lihe, deputy general manager of jinmaotong Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd., said: in the past, according to the requirements of general trade, you declared 100 yuan, and you also had to return 100 yuan when you came back. Now, according to this model, for example, when I declare 100 yuan when I declare customs, I may generate 30 yuan profit from overseas sales. In this way, the collection of foreign exchange can be collected according to 130 yuan, and all funds can be returned to China. It is a fast and regular channel.

Data shows that in the first month of the pilot project of cross-border e-commerce B2B export supervision, the value of cross-border e-commerce B2B export declared by 9 enterprises at Tianjin Port reached more than 2 million US dollars, equivalent to about 14 million yuan of RMB goods value. The willingness of enterprises to go out through cross-border e-commerce has been significantly enhanced.

In the past five years, Tianjin Free Trade Zone has carried out 428 institutional innovation measures, reported 244 pilot results and innovation practice cases to the state, copied and promoted 37 pilot experience and practice cases to the whole country, 230 experience cases to the whole city and relevant regions, and released 65 financial innovation cases. In order to explore new paths for national system test and regional development, the dividend of reform and opening up has been continuously released, which has effectively played the role of experimental field of national system innovation.

The system innovation of the pilot free trade zone has greatly stimulated the market vitality and promoted the transformation and upgrading of economic development and high-quality development of Tianjin and Binhai New Area. The leading industries such as financial leasing, commercial factoring, parallel imported automobiles, aviation manufacturing and maintenance have maintained the national leading position. The introduction of new kinetic energy such as biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing and innovative finance has been accelerated, which has significantly promoted the high-quality development of the citys economy.