What impact will be brought by the digital financial era of CCB app online digital currency wallet?

 What impact will be brought by the digital financial era of CCB app online digital currency wallet?

Sun Guofeng, director of the Monetary Policy Department of the central bank, said on August 25 that at present, the digital RMB is still in the stage of internal closed pilot test and has not been officially launched. In the next step, the central bank will continue to steadily promote the research and development of digital RMB. There is no timetable for the official launch of digital RMB.

Nowadays, WeChat and Alipay have become the most commonly used means of payment, the same is online payment. What is the difference between digital currency and them?

The most essential difference is that the digital currency of the central bank is the electronic version of RMB. According to the definition of supply, it belongs to M0 currency, which is directly equivalent to cash, and the main body behind it is the government. WeChat and Alipay belong to M1, but the electronic payment means of money. They rely on the credit of commercial companies, not the real number of RMB.

This makes stability the biggest advantage of digital currency, and no business can refuse it. Recall that when Alipay and WeChat were launched, many consumers could be paid by merchants only one of the two could not pay for the implementation of digital money.

In addition, digital currency really gets rid of the dependence of online payment on the network. As long as the equipment has electricity, both remote areas and underground garages with poor signal can pay smoothly.

In addition, digital currency helps to reduce M0 cash operating costs. In the era when cash payment was the mainstream means of payment, the peoples Bank of China and banking financial institutions operated cash according to the strictest confidential materials every year, which resulted in huge operating cost of cash currency. The more issued, the heavier the burden.

According to the calculation of Huaxi Securities, the operating cost of traditional RMB cash is about 276.7 billion yuan / year.

Therefore, technically speaking, the implementation of legal digital currency helps to improve efficiency and reduce payment costs, which is also a way to strengthen government centralized management.

3. 10% of the worlds central banks consider issuing digital currency in the short term

According to a survey released by the Bank of International Settlements in 2020, 10% of central banks consider issuing digital currencies in the short term, and their economies cover 20% of the worlds population (about 1.6 billion people).

Note: the above statistics are incomplete

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