Which one of the United States is true to attack 10000 people in the United States?

 Which one of the United States is true to attack 10000 people in the United States?

Get your knees off our necks.

The demonstration was called get your knees off our necks.. Speakers include the descendants of Martin Luther King, the relatives of George Freud, a black man who was brutally executed by white police, and the family of Jacob Black, a black man paralyzed by white police shooting.

Martin Luther King III said that the social progress achieved by the civil rights movement in the 1960s is now in danger again, and that blacks must defend the freedoms that their predecessors earned through hard work.

Protestors hold a portrait of Freud across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York on June 13. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Michael Nagel)

On August 25, blacks relatives wept at a news conference in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Xinhua / Reuters

Two Americans in the mouth of both parties

In his acceptance speech, Democratic presidential candidate Biden said racial discrimination is one of the four major crises facing the United States. He also said on the day trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination that the epidemic crisis and social unrest were symptoms of trumps America.

People take part in anti racial discrimination and violent law enforcement demonstrations near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on August 28. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Alan)

Trump said in his acceptance speech that the United States must always maintain law and order. However, in the national anti racial discrimination and anti violent law enforcement demonstrations triggered by the Freud incident, many cities ruled by the Democratic Party fell into violent activities such as riot, robbery and arson, but the Democratic National Congress kept silent on this.

A car ignited by a protester is photographed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 24. Xinhua News Agency / FA Xin

The two parties congresses presented a very different picture of the United States

What the Democratic convention depicts is that the United States is in a dark period.. The government has failed to fight the epidemic, the epidemic continues to rage, the economy is seriously declining, the unemployment rate is still high, and anti racial discrimination protests are sweeping across the country. The United States needs healing leaders who are compassionate, decent, and can bridge social divisions and repair the international image of the United States.

What the Republican Congress described was a positive and bright picture of the United States. The epidemic is fading, vaccines are around the corner, and the economy is booming. There is no systematic racism in the United States, so we should strengthen the maintenance of law and order. Trump will have to work for another four years if the United States is to regain its power.