Mobile vice president Zhao Dachun: 5g + industrial Internet opens a new chapter of digital economy

 Mobile vice president Zhao Dachun: 5g + industrial Internet opens a new chapter of digital economy

In terms of network upgrading, it released 5g private network products, and launched three modes of 5g private network, including preferential, exclusive and exclusive, so as to realize network construction according to business and demand. At the same time, we will promote the 2B transformation of 5g private network operation mode to realize network self-operation and maintenance, self-service and self-development; create a basic, value-added and flexible multi-dimensional tariff mode, which can provide customers with flexible choice of network capabilities on demand; we will launch 5g private network operation platform to provide customers with one-stop whole process service.

In terms of platform upgrading, 5gs amplification, superposition and multiplication effect will be exerted to comprehensively upgrade the industrial Internet platform system. It is expected that the company will be able to serve the industry in depth by providing 5g + 5g industrial modules and strengthening its industrial service capabilities.

In terms of application upgrading, it has selected 5g + industrial Internet application scenarios, created industrial digital model houses, promoted the construction of 100 group level leading demonstration projects and more than 1400 provincial regional characteristic projects, awarded excellent 5g + industrial Internet demonstration base for 20 projects in 12 provinces, and worked together with partners to create a number of industry first.

In terms of mode upgrading, based on the four common concept of common demand discovery, product co innovation, Project Co delivery, and value co creation, we will work with industrial customers and partners to promote cross-border integration and innovation.

In terms of ecological upgrading, it launched four types of cooperation modes, namely strategic cooperation, joint R & D, equity participation and M & A, procurement and supply, led the 5g Joint Venture Center and 5g industry digital alliance, built three types of 5g partner library, and launched the double 10 billion plan of 10 billion ecological introduction and 10 billion sharing.