Google and Facebook abandon submarine cable project to Hong Kong, China

 Google and Facebook abandon submarine cable project to Hong Kong, China

But the two companies quickly submitted a revised proposal that included links with Taiwan and the Philippines, as envisioned in applications withdrawn on Thursday. The new application no longer includes Hong Kong based Pacific optical data communications limited, a planned partner and a target of concern to us security agencies.

The two companies launched the Pacific fiber optic network project in 2017, listing all three trans Pacific destinations. On June 17, the U.S. security agency and the Department of justice asked the Federal Communications Commission to refuse contact with Hong Kong, China, saying it would provide China with access to personal data of Americans.

We continue to obtain cable landing permits for our submarine cables through established channels, a spokesperson for Google, a unit of alphabet Inc., said in an email. The Google representative said the original application has been withdrawn, and the application for revision of some systems of the United States Taiwan and the United States Philippines has been submitted.

FCC member Geoffrey Starks tweeted that the application was withdrawn after U.S. officials raised national security concerns.

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