IPhone 12 series battery capacity exposure: not only did not increase, but also shrink

 IPhone 12 series battery capacity exposure: not only did not increase, but also shrink

According to the latest certification information released by digital bloggers, the brand-new iPhone 12 series will still provide four models, including iPhone 12, iphone12max, iphone12pro and iphone12promax. Among them, the battery capacity of 5.4-inch iphone12 is 2227mah, that of 6.1-inch iphone12max is 2775mah, and that of 6.1-inch iphone12pro is 2775mah The 6.7 inch iPhone 12 promax has a battery capacity of 3687 MAH. Compared with the iPhone 11 series, the battery capacity of the four models has not been improved, but almost all of them have shrunk. This is even worse for the iPhone, which is originally a big problem in terms of endurance. Besides, it also has 5g high-energy consumption.

In other aspects, according to the information previously exposed, the brand-new iPhone 12 series will continue the bangs full screen design, and will be equipped with OLED screen as standard. The flat middle frame similar to the iPhone 4 will be adopted. The two Pro versions will have 10 bit color depth and 120Hz refresh rate. All series are equipped with A14 processor based on 5 nm process, supporting 5g network. In addition, the new series will continue the previous square camera module. Two iphone12 series will be equipped with rear dual camera, while two iphone12pro series will be equipped with rear three camera, and the top version will also be equipped with lidar sensor. More importantly, the series of aircraft will fully support Chinas Beidou navigation and positioning system.

It is reported that this years apple autumn product launch will still be held in September, but Apple may only launch the new Apple watch series 6 and new iPad at this conference, while the most popular new iPhone 12 series will be postponed to October. Well see more details.

Extended reading of Xinhua News Agency: it is suggested that byte skipping should be carefully studied and carefully decided that Huawei developer conference will be held on September 10: Hongmeng OS and emui11 will be announced, but Alibaba Tencent and Baidu Jingdong will not do it! Source: techweb editor: Liu Fei_ NBJS10390