Wang Zulans favorite wife collapsed: the most poisonous man is not cheating, not domestic violence, but

 Wang Zulans favorite wife collapsed: the most poisonous man is not cheating, not domestic violence, but

Mention Wang Zulan, the entertainment industrys famous beloved wife maniac title, only he belongs to.

I often brush his videos, either doing housework or on the way to do housework

The two attended a public occasion together, and it was a large-scale dog food scattering scene

What are you doing here?

As soon as Wang Zulan arrived in the kitchen, he began to inspect the leaders.

Youll have to have it scalded in hot water.;

Its so dirty and terrible. You see, its moist and full of bacteria.

As soon as he appeared, he began to point to the moldy kitchen utensils at home and criticized his wife who was pregnant with a second child.

Li Yanan saw himself treated like this by her husband at the scene of the interview. He pursed his mouth many times and his expression was thought-provoking.

After being a liar, he also started, but the next seconds content revealed the fact that Wang Zulan had hardly entered the kitchen.

At first, he didnt know the special washing utensil belonging to the baby. When he wanted to wash the mold with this one, Yanan said quickly:

Its for babies only.

Looking back at the scene, Li YANAN looks gloomy and shakes his head in silence.

On the one hand, he took the initiative to set up wife lovers and daughter slaves on their own initiative, and on the other hand, they slapped wildly in the program.

Every day, Li Yaan is asked to act in concert with his predecessors.

This time, Wang Zulan marketing years of good husband set up, completely collapsed.

In the same way, I also saw three truths about marriage in their relationship with husband and wife.

A real good husband,

I never help my wife with housework.

When it comes to housework, it seems that it is traditional from the fathers generation.

Because my mother and my grandmother are like this, so you should be like this, and worthy of praise:

This set of brainwashing words can be called very classic, male chauvinist must recite.

Because its a shame for the great men to guard the kitchen every day.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Wang Zulan has such thoughts.

I even listen to one man giving lessons to another at dinner

Women had better coax, say a few good words, praise two, you can do nothing, in the home.

Earlier, there was a set of data to demonstrate that:

Chinas female employment rate ranks first in the world, while mens housework rate is the fourth from the bottom in the world.

Among them, the average time women do housework is 81 minutes more than men!

Some people are aggrieved for women and talk about the injustice between men and women.

But in fact, what women care about is not that men dont do housework with themselves, but ignore their own efforts.

In the end, its attitude.

Some time ago, in an interview, Tao Yong said such a sentence about housework:

She needs to be cared for, not a woman who should do housework.

Just like Lin Yujia, when asked whether to help his wife wash dishes or not:

How can you say help her? It should have been washed.

Housework is not a matter for the wife alone, but a part of the common life of two people, not to mention helping or not.

Actually, my wife doesnt need help at all - she needs company.

Earlier, Wang Anyi wrote many womens voices in about housework

My understanding of men is becoming more and more common, and I hope he can understand women.

For women to bear, even a small bowl of labor.

You understand your wifes difficulties, she will naturally fully understand your hard work.

In a good marriage, the more men participate, the better the marriage will be.

Truth 2:

The best couple,

Its not to blame when things happen.

Small things see peoples hearts, big things see feelings.

A good feeling is not one thing falling down, but one thing holding one thing.

Although, Wang Zulan claimed from the beginning that he was not a big man:

Li Yanans expression of grievance also shows everything. Netizens are also distressed

A little bit of blame, get just push the lover farther and farther away.

Han Feizi explains the relationship between husband and wife in this way

The love between husband and wife is not flesh and blood; love is intimate, but not love is sparse.

Your attitude when your partner makes a mistake is the touchstone of a relationship.

Recently, a video of tiktok was on fire.

The female driver ran out of the road tired driving, which must be a curse.

As a result, we left messages one after another: we saw the most beautiful look of love.

If you are a husband who is used to criticizing, you can imagine what kind of words he would blurt out at that time

How do you drive? You can fall asleep. Dont open it in the future

But in the video, the husband comforted his wife for the first time, even saying nothing.

The frightened wife also asked her husband if he was hurt, for fear of losing each other.

Love is, no matter what you do, I always care about your safety.

Its not whos right or wrong about it, or why you do it.

Its you who help me when Im in trouble. Youre still there when Im in pain.

Please remember: home is the place to talk, less points of right and wrong, win is the lover.

Good marriage,

Someone asked: does Wang Zulan not love Li YANAN?

Not necessarily.

However, he certainly did not know how to get along with marriage.

Marriage is like a machine that is constantly wearing away. Some people throw it away when they are broken.

Some people choose maintenance and repair.

Behind the surface of happiness and beauty, the wife is carrying the whole family load.

I have seen a picture that sums up the difficult situation of Chinese women in the family

A man can call himself a good husband by doing his job well.

Women need to take care of work, housework and children to become a good wife in the eyes of the public.

Widowed marriage, corpse raising, nanny wife It has long been the main reason for womens dissatisfaction with marriage.

Men, however, are still comfortable in the bonus of marriage and enjoying being served.

A long-term marriage relationship must be based on mutual understanding between two people.

He understood her sufferings, she understood his difficulties.

Therefore, she was willing to give birth to his children, and he was willing to give his family all he had.

The writer Zhang Xiaoxian once said:

What a man does to a woman is not necessarily that he falls in love with others.

Its that he disappoints her when she has expectations and doesnt give her a hand when she is vulnerable

The so-called love is just sharing sweetness.

A man who really loves his wife wont watch the other side stand up all by himself.

It will not be a giant in words and dwarfs in action when it comes to housework.

Home is a home for two people, no matter how beautiful you are outside.

When you get home, you should do your part.

What I fear in life is that one person can pull a boat on the shore and another can enjoy it in a boat alone. However, they will fight for each other several miles apart.

May we all meet the lover who is still supporting you all the way, even though we are stumbling.


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