What kind of boy is a scum man?

 What kind of boy is a scum man?

After being a blogger for a long time, I found that young girls are very easy to be attracted to people who have some uncertain traits.

They have these characteristics - temporarily called traits. They are better than the boys who are useless. For example, they can dress better than other boys, know what kind of shirts to wear with what pants look good, or they are more able to make friends than ordinary boys. They can paste background pictures that look good in literature and art, send out gold sentences that copy and paste, or they are more able to connect with other boys than ordinary boys, You read enough social networks, and you say, I read a news while I was taking medicine today. he knows, why do you take medicine? Whats wrong with you.

How about such a boy? Ill answer you. Maybe his education is not good, and his income will not be good. In a long time, you will quarrel about buying a pair of 1000 yuan sneakers for him.

Maybe you will say, I dont care about education and work, I only care if he really loves me.

well. Then I continue to answer, not only the education background and income are not very good, this kind of deep surfer boy, just come to a girl to tease, stand up with you and dont recognize people. Not only that, many of these boys, when they see a decent girl on the Internet, must send a private message asking the girl which city she lives in.

Of course, some people will say that you cant shoot everyone with one stick.

But my friends, rational discussion, as far as my knowledge of straight men is concerned, 99% of straight men are not interested in dressing themselves up - they even feel bored in shopping malls. What kind of boy would study collocation from head to toe? Its very simple. Boys who want to attract the opposite sex with clothes. After all, for boys, there is no possibility of looking better than the same sex, so straight men who love dressing up must be dressed for the sake of the opposite sex.

If you like to dress up and feel very good about yourself, you are usually not satisfied with being liked by only one person.

As for those who choose the background to create a circle of literary and artistic friends, it is even more unique. This is a boy who will set up a person for himself on the social network. Mens online celebrities are set up to make money. What do plain boys do on the Internet? Attract girls who like this kind of people!

Think about it again. Is it just to attract you? Obviously not. Therefore, I said the boy of this kind of lattice, is the sea kings probability is very great.

Girls pay attention to emotional bloggers like me, look for love answers and learn to get along with each other. But they may not think about whether the person you like is worth preparing so much and whether it is worth really having a love with him.

As I said before, the most important thing in love is not how to be together, but whether the object of being together is worth your suffering. If you like the opposite sex with poor conditions and sea king potential, consider first whether this love can be avoided.

To be sure, he may in some aspects, some subtle moments, indeed attracted you, you feel the occurrence of the heart. People have a tendency to try to make every heart continue to develop, to open its flowers, to do its life, but our later lessons will tell us, in fact, it is not necessary.

People who dont like try must get to the end. Many people, shallow intersection is good.

One second you think the boy makes you want to know, but its OK not to fall in love with him. After that, you enter a state of alienation or entanglement. When you know that he is not worth it, you can stop pestering.

Love is like buying a house. The most important thing is not the following procedures, is to choose a good house. After that, whether the house can maintain its value, whether it can appreciate value and whether it can let you live a better life depends on your choice at the beginning.

You always have to screen. You have to make a choice that doesnt make your future self so painful.

Before I saw that kind of post, said that a man, very fond of minority band, can talk about XX music in China, his daily life is to chase music festivals in various places, and then publish his thoughts on the Internet.

The Post said he was rotten.

And I see the first reaction of the post is: cheated to think the other side slag may be a little late. This kind of person can know at the first sight that there is no advantage!

My most recent advice to girls is, please like someone who is reliable! What love to dress up, what friends circle, what do not work every day to pursue music festival, such people I really can not think of any need to like, not discrimination against them, is their own life has not yet understood it, why do you have to go to mix a foot, chaos?

If you like badboy, you will not get a good result because if the setting of a problem itself is wrong, you will not get the correct answer no matter how you solve it.

Thats the truth.

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