Recitation: smile on the vicissitudes of life, sunshine all the way

 Recitation: smile on the vicissitudes of life, sunshine all the way

Life is like drinking coffee. Whether it is bitter or sweet depends on how you taste it. Even if you have gone through many detours and ups and downs, at least it enriches your experience and exercises your perseverance. There are many detours in life, but they are the only way to realize the dream.

Before dawn, there is always a section of the road is particularly dark, you have to work quietly, in order to break the dawn, amazing everyone. When you cant be cruel to yourself, the reality will tell you how hard it will be.

There is always a low point in life, even if life is bitter like wine, we should be strong. Give yourself a direction, pursue to the end of the earth, give yourself a belief, how to fear all the way panic. As long as the heart has a direction, everything cant be stopped. Even if we open up our territory, we can go out of the way. Even if its rainy and snowy, its sunny all the way.

It is not easy to call life. It is hard to avoid bitterness, bitterness and bitterness. As long as the heart is not bitter, you can laugh at the vicissitudes of life. As long as the heart has sunshine, you can maintain the beauty and see the beautiful scenery in the cool and thin.

There is always something in life that doesnt go away with time. It is the precipitation after the vicissitudes of life, the Enron after prosperity, the nostalgia for thousands of turns, and the wisdom to understand life. Once the sea was difficult for water, but now the sea has changed into mulberry fields. Years, but finally reach a warm, four seasons change, interpretation of the light of time. There is no thin and cool world, no white road, heart if warm, desert into oasis, heart with feelings, stars and moon drunk.

Perhaps, it is the experience of the ordeal that makes us understand the meaning of life more. Therefore, we listen to the wind and rain, laugh at the road of life, and the world of mortals is rolling, and the heart is clear and bright. Although the fog locks the tower, it is still ready to take care of it, and it is warm to the sun.

All the experiences in life will affect the fate. As long as you run, the world will run with you, if you stop, the world will abandon you to run alone. Only if you set a direction and keep running, the world will make way for you.

Before reaching the summit, everyone will take a very rough and arduous road. Often when you feel the most difficult, it is the closest time to success. Sometimes, persistence is a little help when you want to retreat. We should be grateful for every experience that has made us who we are today.

The authors introduction: Xin Rou, formerly known as Tan Chengyan, has published prose anthologies like water in the heart and long time without panic. The official account is XRxinyu, XRweiwenxue. Wechat xrwx6688899. This article starts from Bai Cao Yuan, please reply reprint in the background.

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