By chance, its predestined

 By chance, its predestined

If there is no line, a chance, maybe you will never meet, but just on that day, at that moment, in that moment, you met, so there are many stories in the future.

Some people have met for ten times and eight times, but they are just acquaintances. They will never say anything heartbreaking in their whole life. However, some people will never give up when they meet.

The real meeting is a kind of joy, and it is moving from the heart. It seems that suddenly met another self, or can be complementary to their own people, as if has accumulated for a long time, suddenly there are people who want to talk to. Because you meet people who understand you, pity you, and are willing to listen to you.

Sometimes I deliberately get to know some people and want to be friends with someone. Later, I find that all the deliberate actions will destroy the chance encounter of the true because of your deliberate. A friend and I said: all the gathering and scattering between people have a sentence printed: why come, why to go. This sentence is full of Zen, but it tells the truth of human nature.

In our short life, thousands of people have passed by. How many confidants do you really care about, who are willing to spend time and energy with you, cry with you, laugh with you and watch the surging winds and clouds? In fact, a lot of fate is cultivated by your kindness, your love, your truth, and your compassion and tolerance.

And repair a fate, sometimes not in this life, but in the previous life, or earlier. You think, you how in that day, that moment, met you want to meet the person. If you just drop an event, a party, a trip

Did you miss the chance to meet by chance. But you didnt, you just went there, just like a ghost. In fact, you dont know in your heart that God has arranged a great surprise for you. All the encounters are the fruit of countless practices.

Several years later, after going through many days together, you will find that there is inevitable cause and effect in all accidents.


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